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I took a break and started playing Skillwarz once again after some time. Now I'm remembering why I love this thing. However, I'm not so good. In other words, I can get better. I find it difficult to aim without scoping (hence the reason I asked for crosshairs in a previous post), which of course, is disastrous. Do any of the pros have any advice to offer?

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6 minutes ago, OneManArmy said:

"I find it difficult to aim without scoping"? Of course... you must aim, not shoot from hip.

You sound like CS player who wants to play SW like CS.


Yeah but that's not the point. I can't tell where the bullet's hitting without scope. But maybe that's just bcoz I'm a noob.

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3 minutes ago, OneManArmy said:

Crosshair is useless in games like SW, because bullet spread is much higher when you shoot from hip.

Yes, with crosshair you better aim from hip, but bullets will not fly in the center.



Yeah well that's fine. I have no issue with that. You're the boss after all. I watched gameplays of Juliom10, RobertKK and ImpossyBull and I was so impressed. I really don't have a problem with the game mechanics, I just want to know how they aim like a master, that's all. I'm just asking for advice on self-improvement, not criticizing the game.

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dude learn to know where the center of your screen is first and foremost and master the fundamentals of map knowledge, movement, and shooting. if you want to improve, another thing, you gotta understand that at some point your bound to plateau if you're being restrained by things like hardware (your pc, mouse, keyboard, headset Etc) so that if you want to get better by more than a marginal amount youll have to either settle with what you have or gather some money and get some better hardware which is usually a constant with those who're in the top ranks. A player by the name of litenite that would play pretty frequently was getting around 30-40 fps on an old build and did better than average since he had put in the time but once he had gotten a new pc and was getting around 200+ fps his potential really unlocked. In the end though its all about perseverance. just keep at it and you're bound to get better. Master everything that you see your enemies beating you at and learn from your mistakes.

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On 12/23/2020 at 5:49 AM, Megadeo said:

Juliom10, RobertKK and ImpossyBull

Yeah because we are 1st, 7th, and 10th on the global leaderboard respectively. If you watch a video like this

that's like months of my best clips, and the reason I it so many hipfires is that I've played long enough to know where the center of my screen is, but then ALSO have gotten lucky many times out of many more tries. Just practice/be attentive to where the center of your screen is and you will improve your hipfire accuracy.

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