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Yorshire3399's Admin Request

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Name: Madesh

Age: 15

In-Game Username: Yorshire3399

Experience: I am KPD in Krunker. And I am Admin in many discord servers. I have also been game tester for 3 games. Also 3D model creator for a game

How long do you play this game: 2 to 5 hours a day. 75 hours playtime. Started on November-29-2020.

From which country you are: Sri Lanka

What's your native language: English (very fluent)

What other languages do you know: Tamil, Sinhala and a little bit of Arabic.


I know I haven't been active in the forum and that's because I just found out about the Forum today.

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So to be an admin you usually must be active for a while forum community (not just in game), and show good reason and judgement. For example, on the old forum, all 7 admins were in the top 23 in #'s of posts made. Longevity and activity in forum community is very important. FYI, the fastest someone has become an admin is 10 months after joining community.


Thanks for posting.

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11 hours ago, OneManArmy said:

As i understand your account was created just 3 months ago (less than 1 mil xp and 15 posts in forum). It's not enough for me to make decision. For now everything seems fine. One account and only few records in BWF.

nice to know that i have very few bfw records

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