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Update leaderboard position in menu

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Currently it looks like your leaderboard position is only fetched when the game starts.
So when you have played a few round and return to the menu you old position is still visible and not the updated one.

(I did check I actually advanced by reopening the game).

I think it would be nice if this would also update when returning to the menu.

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Yah Like it takes few minutes to update leaderboards after the last game played ... For that 

--> you just quit the game once and reopen it 

--> Or just refresh the Leaderboard page again n again 

--> or else better option is to use the SW Leaderboard Bot .. Made by lite ... on the discord 

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Because (for most players) in one play session place will not change.

Only if you are making very long play sessions, or if you are far from TOP 200, but in this case why do you even care if you are 1099, or 1098?

It's simply too many useless connections to database... (extra few thousands every day).
Same situation was with saving stats after every match, but here i can understand, so it was added.


Maybe in future game will check/update place every 60 min. I think it's more reasonable then "update it when returning the menu".

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