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I had the idea for an advanced weapon selecting system. You'd can choose any weapon you want and turn it ON or OFF when you make a new game. That'd be really great for making games width no K10 or m107/m110 if you don't like it. I know that is a huuuuuuuge work so I just suggest it. Also, I really know that some weapons could be "banned" (they'd be never activated :\) but that seems to me a good idea to can select weapons you want. That'd looks like a "custom" parameter in the "weapon preset" tab. I made a little image to illustrate it :


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this would be a good idea in the future but as it stand the most practical choice would to narrow the things we already have into something more predictable for something that can be consistent for the few consistent players we already have and to keep new ones coming. if you dont at least have that level on consistency in gameplay it can lead to players leaving because they cant find a match they want to play. I can tell you this from my perspective because i know there are certain maps i dont wanna play and i'll just leave the match if they get picked so i wouldnt be surprised if the same thing happened with other players if something like this got added. perhaps in the future though if the game gets larger this'll easily be a must-have.

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I’d like to see this when we have 1000 players online, not now tho. Besides what’s the point of unlocking guns if people will lock out of lobby guns they don’t like? All the time you hear complaints about balance etc


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