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Game crashes, screen freeze, sound playing -> Desktop crash

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Hi all,

When playing, for 1-5 minutes it runs well. But suddenly my game freezes but the sound continues playing. I can hear everything and even input controls like reloading or walking. 

After a second of 5-10 or so with a frozen screen, I get a desktop crash. No fault codes are shown, only the .exe stopped working screen pops up for a second.


I play at 26 ping, and an average of 500fps running on a RTX2060OC.

Does someone know about this to happen more often? It happens every time I enter a game. I like what I see so far playing Skillwarz. I would like to see the project grow as it has a great potential. It would be a bummer if I had to quit due to this.


Thanks in advance.

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Weird, it only shows the windows form with .exe stopped etc.


I play a lot of games. Drivers up to date. My rig is fine. 

I’ll try to play via the itch.io application. If no succes I’ll try windowed mode. Quality settings are not solving anything. I play triple A games on high-ultra.



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It's strange that you can play few minutes and only then game crashes.
Check what is going on with temps and memory usage (growing or not).


Did you tried to lock frame rate? You wrote that you are playing on 500 fps... what is kinda waste of resources.

Even for inputs, i don't think that you can feel difference between 200 and 500 fps.
Turn on vSync. Game will use much less resources and it shouldn't crash.

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When unity game crashes, then crash report is sent to Cloud Diagnostics and you see that crash image. I checked and i don't see your crashes in reports.
I think this ".exe stopped working" is generic message what windows shows when something goes wrong and system has to terminate application.

What is OC'd in your system? GPU, CPU, RAM?

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21 hours ago, OneManArmy said:

What is OC'd in your system? GPU, CPU, RAM?

My GPU is OC'd. 

I do think that ".exe stopped working" is a generic message as well. 


Anyway, thanks for helping me out man. If you ever need help with anything hmu.


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