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Powerlook's Admin Request !!

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24 minutes ago, OneManArmy said:

but what's the point of videos when he never tags them as Skillwarz (not in title, not in description, not in tags) + never puts links in description. Even if some random viewer will see video, he will not download game because he don't know title and there is no download link. Only small % will ask in comments.


P.S. same thing with Shardul. He also has videos but no links and never mentions title of the game.

That's a good point - It's not something I thought about.

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59 minutes ago, OneManArmy said:

He has videos where he talks about other things and use SW gameplay in background. In this case he can only add link to the game in description. Same as we all do with music.

There has been an misunderstanding here, the channel you checked is ShardulIsHere where I put random content in Hindi. https://youtube.com/channel/UCqAmgd2vuir-9Ves3Wr2fOQ this is ShardulPlays here i post the SkillWarz content. I am sorry for the misunderstanding!

Ps I asked to be deleted to add this.

Edited by ShardulWasHere
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6 hours ago, powerlook said:

its just a mistake of misplacing prepositions in a sentence


This post is beyond that...

25 minutes ago, powerlook said:

Bruhh i ssrly told you that i wasn't knew about this , M gonna do that in further life of YT for sure and I promise for this !!🤞 .. the remaining post of ' i cant make independent decisions ' this is what i need experience of my senior admins and ofc m gonna work under them And I'am sure i will be as kind as them in - game, on discord and forums tooo .. knowing whats right and wrong i can take decisions to some extent ( before experience ) 

For real, this writing style you have borders on illegible.


1 hour ago, powerlook said:

this is what i need experience of my senior admins and ofc m gonna work under them

Adminship is something that is possible to get when you are known to have the qualities that would make a good admin. You don't become an admin THEN gain the requisite skills. Obviously all admins learn about admin tools and whatnot, but the qualities of the person have to be preexisting. Being an admin is not a trophy and should not be a "big deal". What I mean is, in general discussions admins should not have extra prestige because of their title, they should have the prestige appropriate to their knowledge and experience, and quality of ideas. But at the same time, if someone does not have these then one would not expect them to be an admin. In terms of doing "admin stuff" like mute, bans, etc. admins have this because they are trusted to use good and fair judgement and will know thoroughly the reasons to do certain actions, the rules for everything here, and the overall administrative culture. For example, someone with bad communication skills or someone that rarely displays logical reasoning behind what they suggest or do would not be a good fit for an admin position. This paragraph is true for almost all "admin" type roles from Minecraft servers to Wikipedia.

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