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SayemAftab Admin Request

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Name: Sayem

Age: 14

In-game username: SayemAftab

Experience as admin in other games: I do not have any experience as an admin in any other game.

How long have I played the game: I started playing this game at around the start of 2020 and since then I have 110 hours. I try to play everyday for at least 30 minutes.

From which country I am: India

Whats my native language: My native language is Hindi and Urdu

What other languages I know: Arabic (a little bit), English

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You have 3 records in the logs, which is pretty okay. However, it looks like you rage in chat at times? Also, as of now, I've only seen you active in game, not in discord or forums. To become an admin, you need to be active on discord to assess situations, and also must be active in forums. And recording videos being an admin is key...

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Also i understand that I am toxic sometimes and i swear in chat. I am trying to work on it. Sometimes when I am in a bad mood i swear. I will try to be more calm. Again thank you for your feedback and I will try to be better and stop swearing in chat.


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This was my previous reply and i tried to edit it but was not able to:

Honestly I did not know that there was a discord for skillwarz. But anyways if I do not meet the requirements for admin then it is understandable. Thank you for your feedback.

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7 hours ago, SayemAftab said:

Honestly I did not know that there was a discord for skillwarz.

Lol you've never seen this sidebar on the main page?


Start reading forums and Discord, we don't make people admins who we never talk to 😐

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