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Add going prone and peeking

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I don't know if this suggestion has been made before, but i thought it would be a good idea (and be fun) if you could go prone and peek to add another sense of realism to the game. Idk if the other members would agree with me and if it would not fit the game but i anyways thought that it was a fun idea.

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I like the idea of prone, really enjoyed it in other games, it opened the door for other playstyles. However to be honest, it was usually used for camping.
This game is really fast paced, if the game wants to remain true to itself, I don't think there's room for prone, as it could slow down the overall gameplay. But if you, (any of you) can come up with a solution where it could be implemented in an useful, not-slowing-down way then I am okay with it.

It was suggested before, and OMA said that he would need to make a lot of animations for it and he doesn't really feel it. 

About the peeking, I am totally against it because of the high ping players. 😄 
In my understanding peeking and leaning is the same so it was mentioned here: 


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5 hours ago, OneManArmy said:

My vision on SW is more "Run and Gun", than camping/hiding, moving slowly and peeking from corners. It's not tactical shooter.

That's good bruh 

Ya if we keep the peeking button then ofc people are only gonna camp using those skills 

I agree with this !!👍

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This is basically giving people with high ping an unfair advantage lol


And none of the maps in the game (excluding editor maps) have an advantage that comes with lying down and peeking.


Most of the people play this game for fun and not for scratching their heads for strategies.

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