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How many game devs we have here? I heard from many members that they are game devs/programmers, so i am thinking why not give you some work...


You want more skins in game, so why not make this tool together.

We need this tool because i can't give you weapon models, but to make a skin you must somehow see what you are doing (put texture on weapon).

It's not something complicated. I alone can make it in few days, but if community will make this tool, it will save me some time + i think it can be interesting for many of you. You don't have to be programmer. You can design look/functionality. Or simply support with idea/advice.


Idea is to make a tool where will be list of all weapons. It can be drop-down menu, where you select weapon and then scene loads with this weapon.

You can see weapon from first person view and you can switch to inspect (rotate camera around, or rotate weapon itself).


In weapon scene must be button to export base texture (prepared UV layout), so you can start make your skin.
Also button to load texture. Simply load texture from path and apply to material.


It's basically it.
Or if we have some advanced programmers, then we can think about tool where user can paint directly on weapon. But such tool will require much more work.


So, what you think?

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I guess I got a brief idea of what you meant here, so is this tool gonna be like a separate app or an in-built feature, like maybe in the main menu, we could add a button which leads us to this tool. If I were to give opinion, I would say, a separate app would be our best bet, I say so because this could have effect on performance of the game itself, however please correct me if I'm wrong. If there is not that major of an impact on performance, then in-built should work as well. 

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Great idea. Community help would make this game better in one way. Also, what most people want (like skins) can be added...

The community knows best about what they like in game..so I personally think this would be a great idea!

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I made something like that for now:



So the white square on bottom left is the UV map with which you can import or export wrapped textures.

The left camera view is the painting view.

The right one is the fps view of the painted weapon.

the big left bar is the toolbox : where you can set the type of brush and tool you selected.

I will add a menu on top and a button to enable/disable post-pro.

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22 minutes ago, Exert said:

For the weapons preview, won't we need the 3D models of the weapons so we can make the preview?

That's final step where i will add weapons. For now you can use simple cubes.

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Very better performances : 31FPS -> 148FPS due of refreshing UV Image everyframe. Now a limit has been set : every 0.5 seconds.

Second build successfull, turns at 521FPS


Specs: GTX 1050 TI, I5 4800. Should run ATLEAST at 60 fps on low perf pc.

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Today changelog


-> The first brush options

-> The top header/main header categories

-> Load UV Button

-> Export UV Button

Executed the first build which resulted in a complete success: all fonctionnalities were working.

Added :

-> camera movements

-> camera view

-> new sky box

ERROR456: Executed the second build which resulted in a failure due to Windows access and .Dell stuff

-> Fixed ERROR456

Executed the third build which resulted in a success but performances were very low (around 36FPS).


-> Loads of performance tests and corrections

-> In-game FPS counter

Executed the fourth build : total success width 124 FPS and no lag spike anymore when loading an UV image.

-> more bug fixes

-> new paint category where you can change gun's material settings.

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Fifth build : success

-> Now there is a weapon instead of a prototyping cube (doc1)

-> Option to disable or enable the different windows of the skin designer (doc2)

-> Added the option to modify the smoothness and the metallic of the weapon material (doc3)




Current build FPS : constent 60FPS

Current inspector FPS : 49FPS

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Also, I will add an option to generate automatically a BumpMap/Normally and all light map stuff without forgetting an option to set the map by ourselves. Like this seems like a really big feature => I probably will pass my day on it on DON'T DO ANYTHING ELSE.

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I also work on an "support" to help me making such big projects. It includes many fonctionnalities like

-> an easy way to manage materials, etc.

-> a quick way to generate and manage sounds

and much more...

So don't get worried if the Skin Designer takes maybe a bit longer to develop : I want it to be as good as possible.


I am also looking on how I could make possible to draw on meshes/materials.

First, I thought about raycasting on weapon and detect the "point".

Somehow manage to resitualize this point on the UV texture.

And draw a point upon the brush size, color, or even shape.


If anybody have any idea about how to do that, private messages are welcome.

Thanks again to OneManArmy for allowing me this task and for you readers to have read me

since here.

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