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Really great news :

I have a playable version of the Skin Designer. Let's call it : Skin Designer ALPHA 1

This "playable" version may contains many errors and I ask you to signal me them if you see it.


For that, I set up a discord server in where you can:

-> suggest your ideas

-> report bugs

-> suggest code improvements or code "ideas"


/!\ As said on the Discord Forum, any breaks in the rules are condamn in a PERMANENT BAN. There won't be any possible deban without a good excuse. /!\

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I am currently adding a "theme" system to people who would prefer light themes to dark ones. Themes will be added as .swtheme files placed in the "themes" folder. With this system, community will be able to make their propre themes. Basic themes will be "dark" and "light". What other themes would you guys like to see in the editor?

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Also, the discord server will come in about a week. Beta-testers are already on it, but I let them time to adapt to the fonctionnement of the discord beta channels before making the discord adress public. If someone wants to become beta-tester, please send me a private message on skillwarz or on discord.

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8 hours ago, VipereSolide said:




1 hour ago, VipereSolide said:


this ain't the right word, chief


Not trying to be unkind but maybe turn on the English spell checker in your browser? 🙂

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On 3/13/2021 at 3:46 PM, VipereSolide said:

Also, there will be plugins. That will be .swplugin files with whom you will be able to add new fonctionalities and such. Same fonctionnement as .swthemes.

what plugins? purpose of plugins? provide example...


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Just now, OneManArmy said:

what plugins? purpose of plugins? provide example...


Imagine, someone in the community has wanted from a very long time a functionnality. Instead of asking to me, he could just make his plugin with the functionnality inside it. It is :

* easy

* that doesn't require you or me to work on a functionnality even if you find it useless

* and that allows community to "interact" with the game / around game just a bit more.

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1 hour ago, OneManArmy said:

@VipereSolide any progress?


The first public version will be in one month, on the 30 of May. Here is a little preview of the changelog:



* Introducing responsive UI -> No more components out of borders.
* Introducing basic options which has been forgotten (Return to windows / mac / linux button, help utilities)
* Introducing save and load project buttons (WIP).
* Introducing save preferences fonctionality.

* Implementing the size of the brush.

* Implementing the eraser.

* Implementing a button to reset all the paint.

* Implementing different paint texture AND a custom paint texture you can import.

* Implementing the rotation of the brush.

* Implementing the color of the brush.

* Implementing an option to apply custom Normal Maps (Or bumb map).

* Implementing animations.



* When disabling windows, the last window will take all the space left.

* Redesigned the new logo to make it look nicer (Image just below).



* Cleaned the "import UV" and "export UV" scripts to have better visibility, better performances and to fix some crash issues.



For now it's what I done. I lost a lot of time on the realtime brush, but it's fully working.

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