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I run my mac on dual boot and have Skillwarz downloaded in both the OS.

When I first prestiged on mac OS, and rebooted in windows; my previous config of all the weapons like the AK-12 and M107 were saved and I could play with them. (This includes all the locked perks)

I couldn't switch back to a locked gun if I chose another gun in the config.

I'll test this bug again when I hit prestige 2, to see if it still works. (I last tried it on v0.65 I think)


Hopefully it's easy to fix because I noticed one or two more players with new prestige and guns like ak-12.

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"I noticed one or two more players with new prestige and guns like ak-12"

That's cheating. Such players should be at least reported with video so i can look closer.


"I last tried it on v0.65 I think"

Amm, and why you report bug only after so many months?

If you see bug, then report immediately.

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Oh, I didn't know someone already reported it.

And when I noticed this bug my old pc was too old to record, so I unfortunately couldn't get any video proof.


I had forgotten about this bug until I was about to prestige to level 2, and when I recalled it today I didn't check the earlier bug reports to see if it existed.


I apologize for not reporting the bug earlier and not checking earlier bug reports.

Sorry for wasting your time.

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