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"In Depth" style videos

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I'm planning a video series like Drift0r's "In Depth" series about the stuff in SW. I mentioned this a while back but with the upcoming release of WebGL they would get a lot more views. I'm thinking about starting to release them when WebGL and/or Steam goes public, and doing a couple per week. I'm posting this up if anyone has advice on editing or scheduling uploads that they'd want to throw at me.


I'd also be open to dual-comming with people, so PM me if you're interested. It would make the most sense if it was about a gun or mechanic that you have lots of experience with, like Sviseerd with snipers or something; but I'm mainly throwing this out for more community engagement so if you think you'd have something to contribute to an episode,let me know. 😄


l8r sk8rs

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