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CS: GO has a feature where when a grenade hits a player, it does 1 or 2 hp of impact damage. (see video at 25 seconds)

I think we can add this feature with a slightly higher damage rate (for eg- 20 Damage on impact.)

Odds of hitting a player are pretty low but it might be a fun addition to the game.

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In CS:GO pings are much lower, everything is server-sided and players are synced with much higher rate. Basically desync is much much lower then in SW.

To hit something = there must be collision between grenade and player. But if player is not in the same point on all clients, then how this collision will work?

On one client it will look ok, but on other clients (with 0.2-0.6 sec delay in between)? That's why in SW is no collision between moving objects (grenade can't hit player).

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