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Grapple Perk

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On night maps if a player picks up a red box, out of all the previous perks he can also get the grapple. It is a 1 time use perk and works as all other perks. It is not going to have a slot with your weapons, instead can be only seen when in use, and can be used differently. If aiming at a wall or obstruction, if the grapple is used, the player will be dragged to that object. If the grapple is used in air the player wont take any damage, even if the grapple was aimed at the ground. If the grapple is aimed at a boost pad (one that launches players 3m off the ground) upon landing the player will be launched at an even greater speed and can go much further. If aimed at a portal, the grapple will not go through it, similarly to bullets. If aimed at a player the grapple will do damage to them and if the enemy doesn't die they are dragged to a certain point near you. To not make the grapple OP the enemy can still fire while grappled. Finally, the grapple can go to some extent before cancelling the shot, however, a perk called "Grapple Master" or something like that would increase the length of the grapple and while using the grapple and while shooting the grapple has no recoil. I know this would be too much to implement but i think its a good concept

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