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I had the idea of a new perk called Veteran. That would increase the xp levels insome cases:

- 1 kill = 100xp

- 2 kills = 300xp

- 3 kills = 500xp


- headshots = kill amount + 100xp


- 1 grenade kill / claymore kill = 210xp

- 2 grenade kills / claymore kills = 400xp


- 1 knife kill = 300xp (as before)


I think that would be good to be unlocked around level 15 or 20 to make it a bit "Beginner Friendly". Let me know what you think of it in the replies.

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"-  1 kill = 100 XP

2 kills = 300 XP

3 kills = 500 XP"


This would be too much, we already have XP Bonus for every 5th kill:


5 Kills = 250 XP Bonus

10 Kills = 500 XP Bonus

15 Kills = 750 XP Bonus etc.


"- headshots = kill amount + 100 XP" This is fine


"- 1 grenade kill / claymore kill = 210 XP

- 2 grenade kills / claymore kills = 400 XP"


This would also be too much, and it seems kinda unnecessary.


"- headshots = kill amount + 100 XP" This alone could be a perk

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IMHO, this is not really fair, veterans have the XP on the game, knows the maps, the tricks...


It is not fair compared to the experience that new players can acquire, also, I think that the veterans they should settle for the XP they earn simply by eliminating other players, which is always much more than a new player can earn.


The ideal strategy is the one currently used, if you are a good player you promote and fast, you do a lot of kills and earn XP, if you are a veteran you may be a good player or not, but if you do a lot of kills you also earn XP, it couldn't be better balanced .

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Perks are supposed to help you in-game but this only helps you level up. I think challenges/contracts system would be better overall b/c this could easily be a crutch perk. The only way I see it being not-broken is if it's unlocked at Rank 50 but it still wouldn't fit well IMO.

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