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Broken stairs on custom maps

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On modded maps, unlike already made ones, People sometimes make stairs instead of slopes. Now going up and down them is quite, uhhh lets say "unnatural". First of all, when aiming on stairs you should be fine, however if you start moving your aim goes down out of sight, making aiming impossible while moving on stairs (You can test this on ZeroHeadshot's custom map TheBoomBoxLite). I suggest balance the amount that the gun goes down is determined with the height that the player jumps off. So if the player jumps off a tower, when they land, their gun goes down out of sight and comes back after. if they go up and down stairs it starts shaking just a little bit. Also you can slide on stairs. in my opinion if there is an obstacle at a distance in front of the player, (like a wall within like 3-5 feet in front of him, if its higher than the ground, it cancels my slide, this allows for sliding down stairs but not up) even if they are sprinting, it will not work. Sorry if i got a little technical there but it was getting annoying aiming on stairs

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You can simply use the tangent function with the stair slope to calculate angles. I did it for you here for the most common slopes of stairs:


If 1:1 stairs, use 45 degree slope.

If 1:2 stairs, use 26.565 degree slope.

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16 hours ago, Nrk said:

(You can test this on ZeroHeadshot's custom map TheBoomBoxLite).


I had implemented an invisible slope to clip the stairs for smoother movement but it was causing bugs with collision because of how steep the steps were, I'll fix this in the next update of the map.

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