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So i was thinking and thinking and thinking for a long time for a good list of suggestions and i am proud.
1) New OP gun unlocked at rank 50 called railgun.....










by the way all the mods wasted time coming here and trying to remove this
PS. dont add the gun i was talking about, that was a joke, i would be crindgje

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3) I have a suggestion. Hi. Will there be an update for the game? We will also download a separate additional package when an update is available or will the game remain the same? Will there be new additions and other views to your game? Plus how many people your team has. Have you prepared the animations yourself or got a package? It would be great if the mpt-76 infantry rifle and 12 sniper weapons came to the game. Fix it, bora 12 sniper rifle. These weapons have been successful in many tests in real life. You can search. I wish you good work. Do you plan to make the game open source? To explain, do you want to present many weapons and animation as open source? It doesn't have to be open to everyone, only to certain people. For example those who know programming. I said that you can add 12 sniper rifles to the game. Also the mpt-76 infantry rifle is a really good assault rifle. By the way can I learn the features of your computer system? If you want. If you want to collect players you have to bring new weapons and add-ons. Also, the reason for not playing the game is that there are too many maps. Maybe few maps but good maps. So you lose a lot of players. But the game is yours, I just gave you suggestions. You can reduce more maps. Good bye. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XV9RbE8IWI MPT-76 ASSAULT RIFLE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLOmnpcVMq8 BORA 12 Sniper rifle! In 2015, all brands producing sniper rifles held a competition. Bora 12 came first in this competition. Also, this sniper rifle was stolen from a gun fair in the past years. In France. OMA you must have gone crazy Bora 12 is a unique weapon. Because he has received many awards and patents. A completely unique weapon Bora 12. Does not even sound when wearing a muffler. Bora 12. Makes a maximum of 50 decibels. (With silencer.) Could you please investigate OMA! Bora is the 12 best sniper rifle. Effective range 800m is enough for this game. Are you sure? I think you should investigate. You were crazy. You are racist. You only act like this because the Turks made this weapon. Even if the Turks make the best weapon, you say it is bad. Everything is obvious. Let's see which country is the only weapon that can pass NATO tests. I think you are not neutral. The inhuman you do. You are very bad towards my country. Maybe one day you will see a Turkish soldier entering with MPT-76 to take over the White House. 🙂 Meanwhile, we are the country with the best military system. Our commandos are going through very challenging tests. Maybe you know Turkish commandos. It's really funny. You humiliate yourself. I think new things should be added to the game. But don't treat me like that. The biggest reason why the game is not played is that users do not attract attention. The graphics are not high-end as the game is prepared with the unity game engine. Low system users can play this game, but it's really time to develop the game. If OMA itself is insufficient, it should establish a team. On a voluntary basis. There is also a server problem in the game. Sometimes 70 pings, sometimes 999 pings, but I use the same stable internet. In the future, please try to fix this problem.

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