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4chanSed's application

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Country: Armenia
Name: Narek
Age: 15
Experience as admin in other games: None
Experience as admin generally: yes, i have been an admin on 3 discords with 600 people each but now i am an admin of a single server.
Languages: Armenian(native language), English(native speaker) Russian(fluent, wouldn't consider native speaker though), German(WIP) and a tiny bit of Turkish.
Other info: Would like to make a better community in Skillwarz, especially with my language skills

I know the reply will be: not active on disord.
But i want to know if anything else is wrong with my aplication

- Best regards, 4chanSed(or 4chansed, idr)

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Needed to add name after powerlook told me too
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9 minutes ago, Nrk said:

Oh and yes, if any admins want to know my name, i would like to keep it private and dm it to them. Thanks


 If you read this 

Then you need to speak up with your first name , it doesn't matter if only admins want to know then . lol then how will you help the rest of community members 😄 

Take this as a suggestion 😄 


Tho Nice guy , looks cool as an admin but I haven't seen him quite active on discord as well as forums { idk abt in - game thing } 

you need to be more active on this app and website  then you are now 🙂 

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uhhhhh, I mean we have a lot of toxic players and if you speak Turkish I see no problem you as an admin.


Your experience sounds good enough.


You look okay overall.


But you joined the community and the game what like 1 month ago, if I remember right, the fastest somebody has become an admin is after 8 months after joining the community. 

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Admin requirements is basically:

  1. Be active in game
  2. Be active on forum
  3. Be active on discord
  4. Show good reasoning/judgement

Obviously the last one is hardest because it takes a while to show. You need to be active on discord because forum is about game but discord is where most questions/discussions are posted. I can make you a Helper on Discord if you'll be active.

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