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I am extremely apologetic - seeking unban

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good evening, 


I am the "infamous" epicnoob111, and I want to say I am extremely apologetic for all the insults or jokes I made at the expense of others in the game. I was 16 around the time and for the past year I have been reflecting on my actions, and how they affect people, and I want to say I'm extremely sorry.


This game is what helps me escape the daily fears of life I go through, with my relatives suffering from covid or my friends who have left me in the last year. This game is what made me love FPS, and this small community is lowkey fun and respectful. Im sorry to onemanarmy, the admins, the players, and most importantly to myself for not knowing better.


I just wanna say I have learnt my lesson, and if you ever see me repeat this behaviour again, feel free to ban me forever. I promise I'm a changed human being


Spread love and Respect,


Thank you 

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