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The idea is to have a !ban-word command that would allow admins to ban words (Give them to the BWF). Like that, if an admin see someone using a sentance or a ban word, they don't have to contact OMA or make a new post to report it.

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7 hours ago, impossybull said:

You're not an admin, what's the point of suggesting stuff that only admins can use?


Bruhh... I'm not an admin but I propose suggestion to make the game better... What is this question? It's not because I'm not an admin that I cannot suggest ideas for admins too.


Moreover, I don't think OMA would be very pleased to take a look every time and add it to te BWF... That would economize a lot of time for him.

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"!ban-word command that would allow admins to ban words" and how these newly added words will be updated on all clients?

you think downloading all bad words from server every time player launches game is good idea? is it even worth it?

just to make system where admins can ban words will take more time, then hundred private messages and manual adding.


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