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i think there would be many issues when the master player switches, or for instance somebody with low ping would have advantage against high ping because high ping shoots with delay



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You are describing (bad) lag compensation. In COD everything is decided server side, but in SW it's all client side. In SW you can trade, but hitmarkers have no delay. In COD, you can't trade, but your hits disappear/lag behind your bullets.


MW3 gave game hosts artificial lag (IIRC) so they would not have host advantage, and everyone hated it.


Rule is: if AAA devs can't solve "lag problem", then very likely you can't solve it...

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Even for server side, most are done "peer-to-peer" where you have a host which is just some player, that also runs the "server-side" logic on the same machine. So if you mod, all you have to do is convince or wait for the game to give you host, then you have all powers over the lobby. And depending on game, you don't need host b/c you can just send garbage to the host and it won't care. That's why you have so many Minecraft cheaters with automine, autoplace, etc. It's b/c server can't tell it's cheating though to a person it's obvious.

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