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I have never seen problem like this.
Try to lower quality settings and limit frame rate. If problem is with hardware, it may have positive effect.


Your PC specs are good for this game. And if you are keeping drivers up to date, then it can't be problem.

Yesterday i was playing game on 12 years old PC where last driver update was long long time ago.


I still think that problem can be in hardware. Check temperature and other GPU stats. You can use hwmonitor or GPU-Z.

I also had problem with GPU (something with video memory) and i solved problem by down-clocking GPU.


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Yeah I have never seen anything like that either. If you were using Linux I would assume it might be a driver issue but it's unlikely on Windows if everything else works fine.


Sometimes games just don't work well on Windows; for example, when I try to launch GTA V it crashes 80% of the time but works perfectly 20% of the time. No iddea why.

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Now you can try to change back and run game in windowed mode (lower resolution), so you can see game window and desktop.
If whole screen will turn black, then problem with your PC (maybe hardware).
In this case check temperatures and clocks when it happens.
Maybe temperature goes above 90 degrees, or something strange with clocks/voltages.

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