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SW Modifications

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You can do some modification and customize game to your liking.
Folders will be created automatically, when you launch game for the first time.
In  Documents you will find folder named Skillwarz, with few subfolders.

1. Change main menu music.

Important: audio file must be in .ogg format.
In case if you don't have software to convert audio to .ogg format, you can use online converter.
Simply upload your audio file and download in .ogg format.

Drop .ogg file in MainMenu folder.
You can have multiple audio files. Random audio clip will be loaded and played in loop.
Volume can be adjusted in settings (Music volume).

2. Change main menu background image.
Important: texture must be in .png format.
To change menu background, drop .png file in MainMenu folder.
You can have multiple background images and random image will be loaded.


3. Load video as a background in main menu.
Video must be in MP4 format.

You can find links to all animated wallpapers in video description on Youtube:



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