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New damage discussion 2

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So, overall I think most guns are pretty balanced and have a good feel. Details of my opinion:


Good balance:

M4A1, K10, AK12, M110, AUG, MG4, G22, Deagle


Slight Adjustment:

AK47 - needs more recoil (+40%?) or less fire rate to offset high damage. All good players I see use AK47 most of the time now.

L96 and M107 - I would prefer they had more damage like before (I would expect them to be a almost-guaranteed 1-shot to the body on Hardcore mode) but idk how others feel about that.

USP and P99 - Max damage should be at least 50 IMO because it shoots slower and has less ammo in the clip than the G22.

Uzi - definitely OP as a secondary. Maybe make the range drop off from 10-20 m? Because right now it's almost as good as the K10.


Big Adjustment:

KSG and DAO - basically got a nerf compared to before; already they are barely used. Especially now, they just do not have any range where they are better than an automatic gun IMHO.

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* L96A1 does 120 damage in body (180 head). From 100 m distance damage falls to 80 at 140 m.
It's already 1-shot, only players who pick up health (or spawn with extra health) has protection.
All i can do here is increase drop from 100 => 150 and add extra 5 HP. It will be 130 body from 150m distance (in this case 1-shot body also players who spawn with 125 HP).


* M107 does 140 damage in body (210 head). From 120 m distance damage falls to 120 at 160 m.
Here players with very low KD and rank 0-5 has protection.  


* USP and P99 can kill with 2 shots (head 72  + body 48) from 20 m.
so pistols also must be 1-shot?    
Damage falls to 14 at 50 m. Even then you can kill enemy with 3 hits (head = 42 damage and body = 28).


* Uzi at this moment is even stronger then K10. I will nerf damage and distance.


* Problem with DAO and KSG is that they shoot with pellets and damage varies a lot based on how many pellets hit.
At distance you will hit few pellets MAX even with perfectly aim.
Damage was increased.

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Cool, all that sounds pretty good. The pistols used to be a 2-shot at close range but if the Uzi is adjusted then it won't be a big deal.

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