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Gun "mod" attachments and perk suggestions

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I know that you're super busy right now but I think this is a good suggestion. The main idea is to add a weapon attachment category called "Modify" (suggestions below). As you know, many FPS games let players use different modifications to their gun besides suppressors and optics. In addition to adding new customization, this would change Extended Mags to be for each gun (which makes more sense IMO) and implements the rarely-used Move Faster ADS perk in a different way. Obviously you wouldn't need to implement all of these if you just wanted some, but I came up with quite a few in case you were interested.



- Does not require and aesthetic or animation changes to guns, only changes to game code.


- Requires light modification of UI and icons made.



- Grip: 0.5x time to aim down sight.

- Blowback: 0.6x recoil (does not replace Strong Arms).

- Magazine: same as current Extended Mags (the Perk version would be removed).

- Stock: same as current Move Faster ADS (the Perk version would be removed).

- Barrel: 1.2x range.

- Receiver: 1.2x fire rate, 0.7x range, 1.3x recoil (in addition to normal recoil increase from increased fire rate)

- Bullets: 1.05x damage, 1.2x recoil.

- Rifling: 0.6x bullet spread effect during sustained fire.


(Obviously these are only suggested values that could change after testing)


Example Photo (MS Paint is hard to use 😞)




And I had a few perk suggestions also (definitely not super necessary 🙂)

- Melee: Knife at 3x the current rate (may require speeding up the knife animation).

- Nerve: 0.3x screen shake effect when being shot at.

- Extra Grenade: Having this to be either a guaranteed extra lethal, or an extra of both grenades, would make it more useful, although grenade spam might increase.

- Sixth Sense: hear enemy players 2x louder and see enemy claymores placed on the map.

- Flak Vest: 0.3x damage from explosives.


If any of these are added, obviously we/you would have to figure out ranks where they should go, but there would likely be no problem pushing sprays and camos down the list. The current system has ~13 slots and this entire list (which I do not expect to all be added) would add 11 things.


Addendum: Just like with optics, not all of these would go with all guns, as not all make sense. So, in my opinion:

- Grip: All guns.

- Blowback: All guns except pistols, L96, DAO, KSG. (Are not blowback operated.)

- Magazine: All guns except DAO, KSG (They have internal magazines.)

- Stock: All guns except pistols and Uzi. (duh)

- Barrel: 1.2x range. All guns.

- Receiver: All guns except pistols, M110, L96, DAO, KSG. (Receivers not relevant to fire rate.)

- Bullets: All guns except DAO, KSG. (duh)

- Rifling: All guns except DAO, KSG. (Don't have rifled barrels.)

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yeah something like this is kinda what i was thinking would be useful as most of the variants of suppressors are sorta useless. something like this would take a long while to develop though so i dont imagine we should be seeing it anytime soon. would be really interesting though since it would allow for dozens of new combinations (id want two of these slots, not just one 🙂) with all new ways to play and new metas to be birthed.

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Yeah maybe not right now but UI menus are already made, you'd only need to add another category there; and adding attributes that adjust certain multipliers is a lot easier than adding assets or animations. I always try to make my suggestions doable, not obvious stuff like "add moar guns". 🙂 

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