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Banned me

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Banner admin: Zapper

He banned today. He banned me for suicide for 3 days, but I feel unjust because I only committed suicide and the game gives me a chance. I jumped off the pitch because I was scared to go to the bottom of my pike, I thought I could get down there somehow. But if you are being sued for suicide, why is it that the edge of the track is not blocked so that you can't jump off your mouth and suicide is possible when it causes a ban?
Zapper also played in the team ratio was spoiled by my death, but after all, it wasn't just a game he should have been so nervous about. I was able to jump from other levels, but it didn't bother anyone. There was something I couldn't jump on in the fence. I didn't mean to anger anyone, I apologize to the one who disturbed you.

Please comment on the bann.

My english is bad sorry, i used the google translater the next original language text:

"Banner admin: Zapper

Ő a mai nap bannolt. Ő öngyilkosság miatt bannolt 3 napra,de ezt igazságtalannak érzem, mert én csak öngyilkosságot követtem el és a játék lehetőséget is ad rá. A pályáról ugrottam le mert leakartam menni a pája aljára, úgy gondoltam valahogyan le lehet jutni oda. De ha öngyilkosság miatt bannolnak valakit, miért nincs elkerítve a pálya széle, hogy ne lehessen leugrani a pájáról és az öngyilkosságra miért van lehetőség, ha ez bannt okoz?
Zapper is játszott a csapatok arányát rontotta a halálom, de elvégre ez csak egy játék nem kellett volna ennyire idegesnek lenni tőle. Már más pályákról is letudtam ugrani, de ott senkit se zavart ez. Volt amiről nem tudtam leugrani az elvolt kerítve. Nem akartam senkit megharagítani, elnézést kérek attól akit zavart.
Kérem szépen a bann bírálását."



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It was team based game mode? If yes, then you deserve your ban.
Your actions impact your team (team score).

"and the game gives me a chance". In pretty much all games you can kill yourself. Only because you can, doesn't mean you should.  
If you don't understand so basic things, than please leave this community and game. You will make too much trouble...


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in any event, you shouldnt be killing yourself when youre in a live match. If you want to experiment with such things simply create a private server and if you cant do that, go into an unpopulated region server.. ie, anything other than eu amsterdam

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