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Essential list #1

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1)ambient light/sun options - Ambient light options so you can control how much light there is when no light sources are in the area as well. Ex: when a room is typically not exposed to light with the current map editor it mostly remains unaffected and still quite visible. Having ambient light options would allow you to control how dark/light a map would be when no light sources are present(see "2)")

2)light sources - as referenced in request 1 the ability to have light sources with options for intensity and distance would be a nice addition as to have higher possibilities for more scenarios/map design. This might ofc have implications such as having to bake the lighting in order to have it be playable at the SW standards but im sure most map makers would be grateful regardless.

3)misc props -  having random things such as chair/couches, beds, guns, lamps, food, tables, etc etc would truly allow for a lot more scenarios that the player wouldn't have to interpret/ look at the map page to understand whats going on and therefore adding personality to each map a whole lot easier.

4) sound sources - The way youd import said sounds would be the same as with custom textures. obviously there would have to be limitations on things like the hz rate in each file and the length. Im thinking a max of 44000 rate (for a ogg or wav file ideally) with a maximum of 60 seconds would be something most would be able to utilize to the fullest extent. Having options for whether or not the file loops, range & loudness, and if it played at a set intervals (if theyre set to specfic interval. if theyre random having an option at which the max and lowest amount of time until said sound must be played would also be nice).

Naturally I'm not thinking these options will be added anytime in the near future but im hoping to see them at some point but either way 🙂 Cheers!

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Lately I was thinking about light sources and ambient lights and I think that map editor is going to have it in nearest future! OMA decides what props are in map editor (he sends me models, and I add them), so this question should go to him. For now sound sources aren't my priority, but maybe some day they will be added. Thanks for your advices!


Edit: OMA wrote, that adding lights isn't the best idea. (Optimization)

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1) would probably be easiest. TBH I’ve wanted this for a while now that you mention it

2) might be hard to add or optimize. Suggestion: limit number on map (like 10) and keep light range sensible (like 20 m or less)

3) if you can find useful free Unity asset pack, send link to OMA!!! 😄

4) not really necessary right now, and it can make maps annoying FAST; basically all map devs here are not experienced with that, only stuff like lava or water makes sense right now imo 

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