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so reviving this topic bc idk where we're at. Are ppl still ok with it? It would be great to hear each clan to know if it's yes or no for them. If yes from most of them, i've got couple of ideas to ad

Hey, I'm not sure if this topic should be posted here or in General Discussion, but anyways. Although I remember how turned out last tournaments I still think this game is great for such a thing.

My clan, the OP clan, would love to do a clan battle with any other clan 😎😎😎

6 minutes ago, lawrior said:

Lel, I realised that he meant to say prize, but still wrote price in my post. 😄 Luv my brain.


🎓 🅱 🍳 the 🧠 like 🐷🥓  😩😤

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8 hours ago, BnoIdea said:

yea that's why i thought of something: apparently v0.60 gonna come out soon so i thought that if most clans respond and are ok with doing tournaments, and if OMA is ok with this, maybe put some sort of poster in the main menu of the game, that redirect to a post here to advertise the tournaments, so we can get as many ppl from the game to join it. But ofc first we need to at least get most clans to accept to participate so we have a minimum. The only problem is a price to make ppl want to join it. the best choice would be weapons skins but hey we need to make those first

Exactly a poster would do so much better. And people without clan will make their clans and we will have more than 8 teams. They will all communicate with each other and get more indulged in skillwarz. A tournament will be better for this game overall. 

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2 hours ago, kingslayer3627 said:

A huge amount of xp bonus might do the work of the prize. But if anyone can make skins that would be amazing

Well if someone would be brave enough to ask for the UVmaps of the guns from OMA, some could photoshop them and voila skins.

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1 hour ago, Peru said:

Exactly, also imo weapon skins are the best way of making money and raise popularity of this game

Yes OMA said that it isnt his priority right now but i guess if someone can make it for him maybe oma will be okay with it

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Yea but we need to find someone who can make a good enough skin. But as said earlier a prize isn't that needed for the moment. Right now we need to get clans to answer: YES or NO to participate in tournaments. Then we can decide time, prize or no, advertising it, etc

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Posted (edited)

Hmmm Just throwing Couple Prize Ideas out there:


  •  Things Anybody could do [needs approval by Admins (at least) and probably OMA]:
    • Skillwarz Community Art
    •  Custom Maps
  • Things Admins could do [probably better for now]:
    • a Discord Role could be added for Tourney winners
    • a clan on the forums could be created
    •  Maybe a private Champions Discord Channel / Server(?)  <----- idk about this bullet at all lol
  •  Things OMA would have to do [these should be special events since they require OMA's action and possibly re-work to game logic sooo…...]:
    • a Clan Tag color (like Black); could see issue since OMA would need to update player records directly for this and possibly change the player class
    •  xp boost for some duration after tourney
    •  crown icon on scoreboard instead of rank for some duration after tourney [would require getting crown icon]
    •  !champs command to see most recent tourney champs 

A lot of these are probably geared towards individual tournaments, but could prob be expanded to clan as well. I def think the Discord Role and Forum Clan are the best option to start with from these.


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3 minutes ago, impossybull said:

idk how this is a prize but we could definitely PLAY on some lol. I think MansionByIPB would play well compeitively.

I just meant like a map (community or official) could have their (their clan's) name placed on it (or w/e the designer ended up doing) or something else

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2 hours ago, men20 said:

I can try to make weapon skin's if I have the 3D models.

I don't believe OMA would just give out his models. UV maps would be enough. Yes I know It might be easier to paint directly on the model then uv map and normal map it, and only having the textures you would not be able to try them out on the models, or see if you messed it up, but it's not that necessary right now. Maybe later on, when OMA would see that you can really create quality work, he would trust you/us with the models.

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On 4/14/2020 at 12:36 AM, impossybull said:

OP - yes

swat - not really, but it's possible

wz - none besides 17cm

faze - none besides stallker

spit - dead and obsolete. Last active 10 months ago.

BD - yes

ktm - wtf? there is only one member!

weed - yes, but they are not good 😕

The clan CLAN is ready if it's still a thing now😑

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