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Here are the ideas I have for maps to create with the new map editor. I already have all of these planned, but I am posting them here so others can use them as idea prompts.

The second line is what game modes would be especially good on those maps. Abbreviations:



TDM - Team Deathmatch

TGG - Team Gun Game

FFA - Deathmatch

GG - Gun Game


CTF - Capture the Flag: planned to be added, if people make maps for it.

Bomb - Bomb Defuse / Search and Destroy: planned to be added, if people make maps for it.

Sharpshooter - see this post: https://skillwarz.com/topic/283-fun-and-unique-game-modes/

Intel Hunter - see this post: https://skillwarz.com/topic/283-fun-and-unique-game-modes/

Juggernaut - see this post: https://skillwarz.com/topic/283-fun-and-unique-game-modes/

FFA Juggernaut - see this post: https://skillwarz.com/topic/283-fun-and-unique-game-modes/


Anyway, here is my list:


⦁    TDM, TGG, Intel Hunter
⦁    Battle amidst some farmers' huts... on the side of a mountain! Hectic TDM games.
⦁    FFA, Elimination, Bomb
⦁    Battle for control in this walled desert village. Great for all game modes.
⦁    FFA, CTF, Sharpshooter, Juggernaut
⦁    Play in a bombed-out urban office park. Play it safe, or be daring? The choice is yours.
        -- Larger than the previous version.
⦁    TDM, Elimination, CTF, Bomb
⦁    Fight from all angles in this modern Chinese city. Great for snipers.
⦁    TDM, FFA, GG, Bomb, Sharpshooter, Intel Hunter, Juggernaut, FFA Juggernaut
⦁    A deserted Communist-era supply outpost in rural Kazakhstan. A mix of indoor and outdoor firefights. Versatile weapons advised.
        -- Larger than the previous version.
⦁    TDM, TGG, Elimination, CTF, Bomb
⦁    Landslides are still a problem for this mountainous Colorado freeway interchange. Large with many open sightlines.
⦁    TDM, DM, CTF, Bomb, Sharpshooter
⦁    These spacious Italian suburbs are great for Capture the Flag. Lots of room for stealth and tactics.
⦁    TDM, TGG, Elimination, Intel Hunter
⦁    Small and close map in an old part of London. Chaotic team-based games.


⦁    TDM, FFA, Elimination, Bomb, Intel Hunter
⦁    A geological excavation site on a Hawaiian volcano. Don't fall in the lava! Gunfights at all ranges across varying altitudes.


⦁    TDM, FFA, Elimination, CTF, Bomb, Intel Hunter, Juggernaut
⦁    Military barracks. Medium range gunfights abound. Great for many objective modes.


⦁    TDM, TGG, FFA, GG, Elimination, Bomb, Sharpshooter, Juggernaut, FFA Juggernaut
⦁    A train station abandoned after a catastrophic earthquake. Short range engagements. Chaotic objective modes.


⦁    TDM, Elimination, Bomb, Juggernaut
⦁    A cavernous mansion. Fight across the center yard, flank through the corridors, or camp high in the loft of the great room. Long-range weapons advised.

Athens (re-styled Corridor)

⦁    TDM, TGG, Intel Hunter
⦁    The ruins of an Athenian temple. Great for shotguns. Constant action.


⦁    TDM, Elimination, CTF, Bomb
⦁    Large with open sightlines. A gunplay dominant map that makes for extremely tactical gameplay.


⦁    TDM, TGG, FFA, GG, Elimination, CTF, Bomb, Sharpshooter
⦁    A hillside getaway cabin. Fight for control of the cabin on this mountainous map.


⦁    TDM, TGG, FFA, GG, Elimination, CTF, Bomb, Sharpshooter
⦁    A Swiss ski lodge in the Alps. Varied terrain and routes; fun for plenty of modes and playstyles.


⦁    TDM, FFA, GG, Elimination, CTF, Bomb, Intel Hunter, Juggernaut, FFA Juggernaut
⦁    A Peruvian hydroelectric dam under construction. Battle to hold the observation tower. Classic FPS style.


Hopefully this is some good inspiration! If/when I make these, they won't be anywhere near as detailed as in the old map editor, so I will be able to make them much faster. They will look much more like the existing Prototype maps in textural style, but not in layout.


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On 4/18/2020 at 11:40 PM, men20 said:

I have so many ideas. 

Not to sound narcissistic, but when it comes out, be sure to watch some of my tutorials on level design. The old forum was filled with really broken maps that were too big/too small/too laggy. Am I only saying b/c I don't want people to make complicated maps, and then remake them b/c they aren't scaled right 🙂 For example, these maps:


have a super cool design! But you can run from one side to the other in only a few seconds. They would need to be several times bigger, it the only problem, but it requires remaking the entire map.


For example, this is us playing on that one map: 

You can see that it's insanely chaotic. But the map would be good like 3-4x bigger in each dimension.

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2 hours ago, PatrickR2020plsnoban said:

My idea :


-urban environment, in state of disrepair

-nighttime setting; allowing for stealth and tactics

-large map for a slower pace

-encourages exploration with easter eggs and parkour-based areas, allowing for an advantage in the game


Awesome idea! That's literally my map Nightride lmao 



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Difficulty of these maps (as I have planned them mentally):

1 = couple hours, 3 = ~10 hours, 5 = expansive project.


Athens - 1

London - 2
Courtyard - 2

Cliffside - 3
System - 3

Barracks - 3

Union - 3

Mansion - 3

Freeway - 4

Kilauea - 4

Sahara - 4

Valley - 4

Nightride - 4

Estado - 5

Lodge - 5

Sobborgo - 5

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