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Changelog [02.04.2021]

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Version 0.72 [soon]

- based on feedback from TTK experiments, seems that majority of player-base liked much faster TTK.

Now old Hardcore mode will be Normal mode and new Hardcore mode will have faster TTK (between 1 and 2 times faster).

And Normal mode now will be default when you create room.

- now you can write !commands, or !help in chat to see list of all available commands


- Capture The Flag (CTF) mode

Main objective of CTF mode is to take opponents flag and deliver back to your flag.

However if your flag has been taken by the enemy, you wont be able to capture their flag until you rescue your own flag.

To return your flag, it must be dropped by an enemy (when you kill enemy). You can simply walk over dropped flag and it will return back to the base.

If enemy with flag kills himself (jumps out of map, or...), then flag will automatically return to your base.


We don't use standard CTF point system. In SW you can win match even without capturing flags. But then your team must be very good at protecting base.
You can earn 1 point for killing enemy, or 10 points for capturing flag (plus 500 XP).


P.S. If 10 points will not be enough for CTF, then we will increase to 20, or even 25. At first we must play to find best balance between TDM and CTF.

I don't have voice lines for CTF mode... so we will use sound effects + Info in Kill Feed. Maybe also UI... will see.



Version 0.71b [02.04.2021] 

BUG: in this build you can't block players who use clan tags. Fixed in v0.72


- Now you can block someone who spams in chat, is trolling, or insults you.

Previously you had only option to hide chat, but now you can block specific players.


Blocked usernames are permanent (will stay blocked till unblock).
And blocked usernames are not per account, but per PC.



!block username (will block username)

!unblock username (will unblock username)

!blocked (lists all blocked usernames)

!unblockall (will clear list of blocked usernames)


Note: You can't block yourself and game admins.


Read more about this feature here:





Version 0.71a [29.03.2021] 

- Because of various problems with Mac build, i decided to move back from unity 2020 LTS to 2019 LTS.

At first i will replace only Mac build. As i understand Windows and Linux builds run just fine on 2020 LTS.

But we will do some tests to see if 2020 is somehow better (in stability, smoothness, performance, loading times).

- fixed scrolling in main menu settings

- now you can adjust crosshair size with keys PageUp and PageDown. In next updates i will add automatic adjust, but for now you can adjust manually.

- Now size of game will be higher (on disk). Reason:

Previously size of game (after extracting from archive) was between 2 and 3 GB. Now size will be between 4 and 5 GB.

Game in archive was between 600 and 700 MB. Now by using 7z archiver size will be smaller by 100 MB.

So, you will get better quality lightmaps (uncompressed) and smaller download size, but size on disk will be around 2GB higher.



Version 0.71 [27.03.2021] 

- Removed Refresh Rate from resolutions. Now game will sort out all lowest refresh rates.

For example, if you have 1280x720 resolution with @60 and @75 refresh rates, then now game will keep only @75 in resolutions list.
Note: Only in Exclusive mode game can set @75 refresh rate. In any other FullScreen mode game will use default refresh rate of monitor.


- Added new Ambient Occlusion (HBAO). In past we had SSAO, but i had to remove it since dev dropped support years ago.
For HBAO i added 3 options:
1) FULL - everything
2) FAR - everything except arms/weapons
3) CLOSE - only arms/weapons (low impact on performance)


On default maps AO is already baked, so if you are not playing on community maps, then use CLOSE.







- We are switching from 2019 LTS to 2020 LTS unity engine version.
Seems that VFX Graph no longer works with Built-in Render Pipeline, so i will have to remove smoke effects made with VFX Graph.

In close future i will have to switch to HDRP, or URP and there VFX graph will work again.


- Fixed 2 camera shake bugs.
1) Camera shake intensity wasn't frame independent and at higher frame-rates camera was shaking much stronger.
2) Firing weapon + explosion could lead to bug where camera locks at some angle and returns back only when you stop firing.

Here you can see both bugs. Much stronger camera shake (cuz frame rate is high) + camera lock. Now it should be fixed.


- Recoil adjustments

Now all weapons has recoil somewhere in between 2X and old (low) recoil.

More about it you can read here:


- KSG-12 damage increased 2 times in close range (up to 450 hp damage from 20 meters in torso).


- I was reading Unity forum and seems that many crashes can be caused by incremental garbage collector. This feature was added in unity 2019.

As i remember game was much more stable on unity 2018. I had to switch because of map editor, as it was using features available only in unity 2019.
In this update i will disable "Incremental GC". It may have positive/negative effect. Will see...


- Added Settings in main menu

Comparing to old settings there is no quality presets. As soon as you will open VIDEO tab, quality preset will switch to "Custom".

So, if you are playing on Low quality preset, then you will have to change back in old Settings.


Based on Steam hardware stats majority of players are on 1920x1080 resolution (67%)  and 1366x768 is second highest with almost 8%.
By default Settings will open in full-screen, but for these 2 resolutions will be available Shrink/expand button

and Settings will switch from full-screen to 720p (base resolution).
In unity engine UI scales fine, but by scaling it slightly loses quality.


- Weapon customization

Previously we saved weapon configuration only for 2 weapons per class (primary and secondary).

Now you can configure all weapons and your configuration will be saved.

More about it here:


- Changes to account registration

First of all now new players will have to accept rules (hopefully at least small % will read them).

Time by time someone forgets password (or username), but we can't help since passwords encrypted.

To solve this problem now account details (username and password) will be sent to email provided on registration.

- Added dynamic crosshair.
By default crosshair will be off, but you can turn on from settings in main menu. At first i thought to add only in Normal mode, but i changed my mind. You can play with crosshair in Hardcore and Normal mode, but to balance this feature i had to increase bullet spread when firing from hip position. Players who will not use crosshair will have better weapon accuracy when shooting from hip.

In settings you can also change color of crosshair (5 options), style (6 options) and transparency. More styles and colors can be added in future.

Note: if weapon will have sniper optics, then crosshair will not show up.

Also... crosshair size was adjusted only for aspect ratio 16:9. On wider screens size will be too small and on portrait will be bigger. I will add slider which will help you adjust for your screen.


- Added toggle to remember password (and username)

Since now account details are sent to email (on registration), we can add also toggle to remember password.

For players who created accounts before this update i can recommend to write down password somewhere in notepad (if you will use this feature).

Possibility that you will forget your password is very high. Time by time i will have to reset saved data, so you will have to enter password.

Remember that forgot password = lost account.

Also... better don't set toggle to remember password if someone else has access to your PC and he/she can decide to play game and break rules.

Excuses like "my little brother bla bla bla" will not work. Your PC = your responsibility.



- Changes in Perks

Perk "Low Gravity" reworked. Now it has air control + you can jump slightly higher, but it will not work as good with slide-jumping.

Perk "Static Crosshair" replaced with "Double Jump". Sway jump will work with "Low Gravity" and "Double Jump" separately. But if you will use these perks together, then sway jump will be disabled.

Combination "Double Jump" + "Low Gravity" will be slightly nerfed in public rooms (jump height will be lower). In private rooms (with password) will be like before.





Version 0.70a [02.01.2021] 
- Double XP enabled (ends in January 10)

- Now (on new host) we have less limitations, so now statistics will be saved after every match. Previously stats were saved only once (when player quits the game). If the game crashed, player lost stats about whole play session. Now player can lose stats just from last match, not from whole play session.

- Error messages (like Code: XZ2n) replaced with text messages + code. Game will check time between launches and will give you advice what to do. 

- This is not full update. You can stay on v0.70 and play with v0.70a. Double XP will work on both versions.

If your game crashes and in result you lose XP, then you may want to download this update.



Version 0.70 [11.12.2020]

- Added 2 more Display modes. Previously we had Full Screen and Windowed.

* Exclusive
Game will claim exclusive use of the target display on platforms that support it.

* Full Screen
It will always run at desktop resolution, and other requested resolutions will be scaled to fit.
Comparing with Exclusive, it allows for quicker process focus switching (alt-tab), but will consume slightly more resources as it is still rendering the desktop.

* Maximized
In this mode game will create window that is windowed, but maximized, on platforms that support this.

* Windowed
In this mode, Unity will create a standard non-fullscreen window, on platforms that support this.


- Map rotation for community/editor maps.
Best part is that you are not locked in just one game mode. You can mix game modes and set different settings for every map.
For example you can play DM mode with Recon only preset, without Perks and then next map can be TDM with Knife only and perks.

You can even add same map multiple times and use different settings for every of them.
Only core settings will apply to all maps (max ping, max players, room name and password). 

* Added way to save/load list of map rotation. File maprotation.dat will be created automatically (in Skillwarz folder),

when you will create room and in this file will be saved map rotation.


- Due some changes all players will lose their saved settings (including username and saved classes).

- If your XP is above 250 000, you will see your place (in the world) in main menu (top right corner).

- Time by time i hear from players "in SW weapons don't have recoil". Weapons have recoil, but comparing with some other games we have quite low recoil.

In this build we will test 2x vertical recoil and 1.5x horizontal.

- Linux version was build using IL2CPP backend. More info here: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/IL2CPP.html

But i am not sure about stability, since it's still in preview. If game crashes, or something doesn't work properly, then report in forum.

- Due performance drop caused by Post Processing Stack 2 i had to switch back Processing Stack 1.
Was removed 2 of 4 Anti-Aliasing variants. Also removed Motion Blur and few options for Bloom.

- Sprays (and explosion marks) will not work on community maps. It's because decal system cause freezes/frame rate drops.

Its temporal solution and within next few updates this problem should be fixed.


Version 0.69 [18.11.2020]

- night maps: P3, P6 and P10

- updated decal system. Now spray shouldn't cause freezes, like it was on few old editor maps. Not ready yet.

- updated post processing stack to version 2.

- now we have 4 anti aliasing options (MSAA, FXAA, SMAA, TAA).

- removed SSAO because developer stopped update it (last update was in 2016). I will add new SSAO in future updates.

- added Motion Blur. In general this effect makes game feel smoother (low FPS and stuttering less apparent).

You can use it when your frame rate is below 120. If your FPS is way above 120, you will not even notice.

- now "Camera Effects" are available in all Quality presets.
For example, you can set quality to Low and enable Color Grading and/or Motion Blur.

- added vSync (Vertical Sync). Can be turned on in Custom quality preset.

It has 2 options  "Every V Blank" and "Every Second V Blank".

If you have monitor with 60Hz refresh rate, then "Every V Blank" will lock your frame rate at 60 (in case if your frame rate is above 60).

And if you will choose "Every Second V Blank", then frame rate will be locked at 30.

If you turn on vSync, then frame rate limit will be ignored.

- updated shadows. Now we have also Soft shadows. In custom settings you can adjust shadow softness.


- In this build we have only 2 servers (EU and US). Game will connect you to server where your ping is lowest. You still can manually connect to other server.

- Changes to shotguns:


In some weapon presets you can't customize perks, but you can enable perks.

- In weapon preset "L96A1 only"  will be used perks "Low Gravity" and "Strong Arms".

- In weapon preset "Nades only" will be used perks "Walk speed ADS" and "Sprinter".

- In weapon preset "Melee only" will be used perks "Low Gravity" and "Regeneration".


Version 0.68 [03.11.2020]

- Default region now is US (Washington). It's not permanent change. Overall nothing much will change (for most of players). Average ping in rooms will stay the same, as half of player base is from US and other half from Europe. Now players from EU will have higher ping. For example my ping increases from 50 to 130.

- added low quality smoke. It will work only when you play on Low quality.

- HQ smoke will be used on Ultra and Custom, but on Custom it requires most of Ultra quality settings.

Now you can use Custom quality with lower settings and lower quality smoke will be used. 

- Added Bad Word Filter.

Bad Word Filter will block, hide and report (save in log) attempts to use bad words in game (username, room name and in chat).

* For swearing in chat you risk to get permanent Mute.
* For attempts to create account/room with inappropriate words you risk to get ban (from few weeks to permanent).

* For attempts to get around Bad Word Filter (use of numbers and symbols in bad words) you risk to get permanent ban.

IMPORTANT: Do not test BWF. Excuses like "i just wanted to test" will not work.


- Now KSG-12 will shoot with 10 pellets (previously was 7). It gives around 43% increase in damage.

Slightly decreased spread when aiming. It means that more pellets will hit target at higher distances (but only when you aim down the sights).

- DAO-12 slightly increased min and max damage. Also slightly lower spread when aiming.

- AK 12 now shoots with 3 bullet bursts. Max damage 25. Min damage 20.

One burst in torso will do min 120, max 150 damage. Head up to 225.  

- Default melee animation now is "Slash". You can change to Stab in settings.

- Now by default "Kill-streak Feed" is set to "30 max" and "Fade" is On.

- Slightly changed Fire animation for USP45 when aiming.


Version 0.67 [16.10.2020]

- Halloween update

- Double XP active till 15 November

- night maps in this build: P8 and P9

- added toggle run. You can turn on/off in settings.

- removed limitation to fire when holding down run key (left shift).

- now in editor maps you can set max allowed ping.

- admins can join team which has more players. It will help to move players around = balance teams.

- now game admins can move players to other team. If player is in game, he will die, but enemy team will not get point and moved player will not get +1 to deaths.

- since sliding down the steep slopes is not required on most of maps, this feature will be used only when playing on editor/community maps and maps which require this feature (like Prototype 1u). Maybe later i will even add option to disable also on community maps (as option in map export).

*** Halloween music by Public Pool


Version 0.66 [02.10.2020]

- night maps in this build: P1 and P5

- added additional optimization for imported community maps. Now also props will be combined together => less draw calls => better performance.

For max performance you can also turn off shadows on Custom quality settings, or set quality to Low. But do it before map is loaded.

- was reported problem with position of remote player. Turned out that problem was with animations.

Had to fix pretty much all animations. Additionally i removed tilt of head. These changes should fix (or at least improve) situation with head glitching.

Here you can see how it was before and how it is now. White line is center (correct position of player).


- added Discords Rich Presence. In short: other discord users will see when you will play SkillWarz.

They will see info about room (room name, how much players, map name, map thumbnail).

It requires you to install and run Discord app. If you are using Discord only via browser, then it will not work.

At this moment other players can't join your room from Discord, but i am looking into this.

- now you can also set name/password for the room with community map.

And you will see triangle in front of room with editor map.

- added expand button to Editor Maps window. You can resize window and see 10 maps instead of just 5.

- you will see star icon in front of rooms created by admins. In such rooms you have higher chance to met some admins.

Also admins are experienced players, so room will not have some weird preset (hopefully).

- added one more weapon preset for Gun Game. It's called Random 12.

In this preset weapons are random and there is no pistols (only micro UZI) and no MGL (grenade launcher).

- due some problems with VFX smoke on Intel's HD graphics, i had to make some changes.

Now VFX (high quality) smoke will be used only on Ultra settings. On other settings will be used old smoke effect.

Also size of old smoke effect is now slightly smaller (on 13.3%).

- now you can control movement in air the same way as in counter strike.
To move right - hold key D and move mouse right.
To move left - hold key A and move mouse left.

And in SW you don't have to release key W. 

- added sliding down the steep slopes (75-90 degrees angle).
Previously you could jump on wall when wall was at slight angle.

On 50-75 degree slopes you can walk, but with crouch speed.

It is possible that you may stuck somewhere. Stuck = that even with jumping you can't get out.

If it happens then report in forum and show exact location.

Also all map-makers test and update your maps.

- added 2 new skins for M107.

1. Replacement for default skin (by Mynameisnot)

ClockStone ViewFBX 9_27_2020 11_28_21 PM (2).png


2. Boom skin by Takeshi6888 (unlock at rank 43)




Version 0.64 [01.09.2020]

- Now we have 4 different smoke effects.

If game will detect Intel HD graphics, or if you will choose Low graphics preset, game will use old smoke effect.

If you will choose Ultra or Custom quality preset, game will use new smoke effect (GPU).

If you will choose Medium or High quality preset, game will use new smoke effect (GPU), but with less particles.

If you will choose Custom quality preset and you will turn on Volumetric lighting, then game will use high quality smoke (from video).


- Game will create map preview images when you will create/join game with community map. Preview images will be saved in "Maps" folder and named the same as map.
Note: preview image will not be loaded immediately. You must refresh community maps, or restart game.

You can see preview image when you create game with community maps, or when you join game via game browser...  double click on row.  

You are free to edit/replace these preview images... create screenshot (by pressing F5) and then in any image editor create 512x512 image and save in png format.


- Switched back to older version of shadows. In last update i was using latest version... softer and i guess more realistic, but i couldn't configure them.

I assume many of you noticed weird shadows on weapons (on highest quality settings) and other problems on lower quality.


- I had to set 100KB limit on map size. Maps with size above 100KB will not be loaded in game. 


Version 0.62 [26.08.2020]

- Elimination mode is back. Minor bugs are expected. Hopefully nothing serious.

Many of you don't know that it is possible to load music tracks in Elimination mode.

These short tracks will play when each round ends (random track, based if your team won or lost).

Here you can find "how":...


- Now you can play on maps exported from Map Editor (all game modes).
Now all created rooms will be visible in room browser (even if you don't have map).
You will have option to download map directly from host (master player).

Note: To load your map in game, you must export map from latest version of Map Editor.


- Improved smoke. I have made few versions (with different impact on performance).

At first we will test smoke which is similar to old one, but problem with FOV was fixed.

Performance shouldn't be much worse. In any case it's not final version and we will make some adjustments in closest updates.




- Prototype1 map update.


- Now game runs on one of latest versions of Unity engine.
At this moment it's hard to say how it will impact performance and stability.

- In extended profile was added how many hours you have played the game.

- Reset of ban-list + reset of chat bans. Last reset was almost 2 years ago.


Version 0.61 [19.06.2020]

- Double XP active till 21.06.2020

- New players will have health boost only in games with Standard weapon preset.

- Added 3 new weapon presets.

* Knife only
Nothing much to say here. Melee attack on Left Mouse Button. Bonus from melee kill is 50.

Important: Now we have "Knife only" preset. Playing knife only in other weapon presets (to earn more XP) will be considered as boosting.


In this build knife = one hit kill.
In next build we will have 2 knife attacks (100 hp stab and 60 hp slash).

I think it will be more skill based when knife can't kill with one hit (if you pickup extra health).


* Nades only
You spawn with 2 impact grenades and in 10 second you get 3rd impact nade (max 3 impact grenades).

Impact grenades regenerates every 10 seconds, so you must think when to push and when to back up.


Also you get 1 flash grenade. It will not regenerate, so think when to use it. Most useful when you push, or run away.
Impact nades are on Left mouse button and flash nades on Right mouse button.
Knife, customization and health boost for new players disabled.

* L96A1 only

When playing "Recon only" preset, players quite often use secondary weapons, so here will be preset for players who want to play only with/against sniper rifles.
No pistols, no knife, no grenades, no customization, no perks, no health boost for new players. Just L96A1 with default scope.


Map Editor BETA (ONLY Windows x64)




Version 0.60 [24.05.2020]

-  "low gravity" now comes in pair with "double jump" and air control.

Only for this release. So to say, to remember old times and why it was removed.


- increased damage for: Deagle, m107, L96A1, USP, UZI, MG4, AUG

- added kill-streak feed with 2 variations:

1) last 10 kills

2) 30 kills

Also added option to fade out kill-streak feed after 5 seconds.

By default is Off, but can be turned On from settings.



- Night maps (P1, P5 and P8)

- Now forearm hitbox multiplier is the same as torso.
Problem with arm multipliers is explained in this video:






Version 0.59 [22.04.2020]


- Few bug fixes.


Version 0.58 [22.04.2020]

- For this build night maps are P2, P4, P9, P17 and P18

- Construction Site (Night) was added in main TDM map rotation.

- In community TDM map rotation was added 3 old maps (P20,  P23 and P25)

- I am not sure from when, but at least from last update game used old damage values.

Now in this build game 100% uses new damage values, so i will need feedback...


Version 0.57 [10.04.2020]

- slightly increased damage for all pistols

- increased min/max damage for L96A1 and M107

- in this build all standard day maps

- max 100 XP from assist damage

- Double XP enabled till May 1

- added new chat commands:

* !admins (will show list of game admins)

* !trusted

More about trusted players here:


Version 0.56 [22.03.2020]

- Fixed assist damage bug

- Some corrections in weapon damage

- Double XP active till 25.03.2020


Version 0.55 [20.03.2020]

- Balance

For new players (from rank 0-5) health will be 150 (previously was up to 200).


- Adjusted damage for all weapons. For now i will not post chart, as it takes time to make it.

We will make some small corrections anyway.

As before we will run test for few days and all these days will be active Double XP.


- In this build night maps (P1, P5 and P8) changed to P3, P6 and P10.

- Now you can choose which melee type you want (stab, or slash). Settings => Gameplay => Melee Type

- Change hitmarker sounds (Off, head, body). Settings => Gameplay => Hitmarker sounds


- Added weapon tilt on crouch.



- Changes in magazine capacity

* MG4 = 70 (-30)

* AUG = 40 (+10)

* K10 = 25 (-5)


In this release you will not get assist points. Mistake already fixed, so in next release assist points will be back.


Version 0.54 [09.02.2020]

- Many bugs fixed.

- Fall damage threshold increased on more then 10%

- Night maps are back (P1, P5 and P8).

- New knife animation and slightly increased knife damage area.


- I am starting to rework weapons (to make weapons more unique).

Next 3 days we will run test and i want to hear your thoughts about weapon damage.
These are not final values, so don't get angry for weapon balance.

After 3 days i will turn off this test + all these days will be turned on Double XP.


Here are current weapon damage values:




These values are before damage multiplier is applied.
Current multipliers (hardcore mode):
Head  x 3
Torso x 2

Upper arms x 2

Lower arms x 1.5
Upper legs x 1.5
Lower legs x 1



Version 0.53 [23.01.2020]

- Balance adjustments.

In GunGame and Team GunGame modes health of new players will not go above 150 (previously was 200). From rank 0-5 health will be 150.

- Multikill

Time was increased from 1.2 seconds to 2 seconds.

- Elimination mode hidden (only admins can create room).
This mode has some bugs and we will have to make some tests to find what exactly causes these bugs.


Game prepared for cross platform (PC and WebGL).
At this moment browser version has 4 game modes (DM, TDM, GG and TGG) and all base maps (Arena 1-4 and Prototype 1-13).
Basically full game in browser. Some (not important) things for gameplay were cutted out, to improve performance and build size.


Size (MB) of browser version.
After cleaning build size was around 145 MB. Good result, but not acceptable for browser game. I did few tests to check size of game without maps/weapons and here are results:

* No maps  = 38 MB
* No maps and no weapons = 19.5 MB

At this moment all maps are moved to asset bundles, so build size is around 38 MB and all maps will be downloaded (and saved in browser cache) when you will play on them.


WebGL version is not ready for public release.
Now i will start to test and i still have to solve few serious problems (related only with this platform).

Most likely i will record video, or stream, to show current state of browser version.


Version 0.52 [22.11.2019]
- Switching from PUN to PUN2. Nothing much changed.
Maybe it will have some positive effect on performance.
- Did some adjustments for transparent objects. Previously smoke was blocking icons of team members.
And smoke was rendered before some other transparent objects.
- Did some optimization which should minimize/remove freezes when object gets rendered for the first time.
- Rewrote logic, how players (who join game later) receive data about game state.
- UCAV health reduced 3 times.
- Fixed problem with explosion damage.
Sometimes explosion happened inside the collider (when you throw grenade under yourself/too close to wall,
or when stand on claymore) and since raycast couldn't register hit, player didn't receive damage.
- Balance.
Because of low player base we can't separate old/new, low/high skill players, but we must balance game somehow.
For now we will balance players with extra health.

New players will spawn with:
Rank 0 = 200 HP
Rank 1 = 190 HP
Rank 2 = 180 HP
Rank 3 = 170 HP
Rank 4 = 160 HP
Rank 5 = 150 HP

After rank 5 players will be balanced based on match KD.
KD below, or equals with 0.5 and above 0.33 = 125 HP
KD below, or equals 0.33 = 150 HP
Balance activates after 3 deaths and applies only to players with Prestige level 0.

Version 0.50 [14.10.2019]
- Halloween update
Halloween music by PublicPool



Version 0.49 [05.10.2019]
- Bug fixes.

Version 0.49 [04.10.2019]
Now in Training mode we have also map to practice shooting.
When you create map, you can specify how many bots will run around the map (Max Players field).
But it's only for warmup.

Inside the game you can switch Difficulty level (press F2):
Easy - magazine refills after 1 kill
Medium - magazine refills after 2 kills
Hard - magazine refills after 3 kills

To start game press F1.
*** You must kill bots before they will reach red zone.
Game starts with 2 bots on map.
At scores 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 will be added one more bot.

Your best score will be saved for every difficulty level.
So you can have 3 personal best scores.

Version 0.48 [27.09.2019]
* New weapon skins.
- AK47 desert skin - Rank 37
- MG4 golden skin - Rank 38
- Deagle golden skin - Rank 41
- AK47 golden skin - Rank 42

* Training mode.
This mode will include different maps where you will be able to try/test/practice different things.
At this moment it is work in progress and more practice maps will be added in future updates.
If you have ideas for practice maps, then create topic in forum and explain your idea in details.

* New animation controller (mecanim based).
It allows to use different soldier models on the same animations.
If everything will go as expected, then soon every class will have own soldier model and next step will be soldier customization.

Animations - it will replace old controller with new one. Soldier model is temporal and will be replaced in next update.
I am using this model because motion capture animations comes with this model. This way i can see if problem is with some animations.
By the way this model has no LOD's and has much higher poly count. It may affect your performance, so do performance test separately.

Performance - pay attention to your framerate and micro freezes (framerate drops). Report in forum if you notice any changes.
Preload - for this test best will be Gun Game mode. Play gun game with and without "Preload" and tell me if you notice framerate drop when leveling up (weapon changes). Note: you must restart game before test.

Serious bug fixed:
All this time from all map rotation options only VOTE was working correctly.
When you used other options, then it could lead to disconnect, or wrong map was loaded.

NOTE: Testing (animations/performance) will be enabled a bit later.
If after update you notice any changes in performance, you can create topic in forum.

Version 0.47 [26.07.2019]
*** BUG Fixes
* decreased firing audio volume for L96A1 and m107
* adjusted reticle size for few more optics
* TDM mode max players back to 12

* changes in movement:
Now you can hold Jump key to grab ledge and climb while in the air.

Version 0.46 [16.07.2019]
*** BUG Fixes
* increased weapon return speed after sprinting when you hold aim button
* adjusted reticle size on few optics
* slightly increased damage for Deagle
* Editor maps enabled. Now min Map Editor version is 1.2.8

Version 0.45 [14.07.2019]
* Now all players who were banned in chat can use chat again. I hope at least small % of you learned lesson.
* Arena 4 map added in TDM mode. Map is named "Construction Site (Night)" and is not yet in map rotation.
* Updated scoreboard in all game modes.
Now You can switch scoreboard Styles by holding scoreboard key (default key is Tab) and pressing key 9 and 0.
* Fixed night skybox for Mac users. Skybox will be static, but in any case better than one solid color.
* Player customization is saved per account.
In case if multiple players are playing on one PC, other players will not affect your class configuration.
* Local legs/body will not be hidden, when you set FOV higher than 85. You still can disable/hide from settings.
* Since profile picture was kinda useless, it was replaced with button to change spray. And from now you can change spray only in profile.
* In this build option to play on Community Maps disabled.
* In TDM mode you can create room for 14 players.
* In DM, GG, Team GG modes you can create room for 12 players. In Elimination mode max will be 10.

* Redone progression system.
Now we have 50 ranks (2.5 mil xp). Previously was 100 ranks (34 mil xp).
Now also scopes, silencers, camos, perks and part of weapons are locked behind progression.

* Prestige Mode.
When you reach rank 50 (2.5 mil xp), in profile you will find button to activate Prestige mode.
Prestige mode allows you to reset rank and start over progression.
In exchange you will get Prestige rank and you can unlock Specialist Class (requires Prestige level 3).
- You will not lose your statistics (only rank).
- You will keep all special unlocks (like clan tags/colors, friend system).

Version 0.44 [03.05.2019]
* fixed one very old mistake, where in Match Summary GunGame scoreboard was sorted by score, not level.
* option to slightly adjust weapon scale was replaced with actual adjustment of weapon FOV (it will fix bug in GunGame).
* slightly randomized auto re-spawn time to minimize possible spawning in the same spawn point after killing each other.
* fixed few mistakes in main menu.
* did some changes for map Arena 1 and re-baked lighting on map Prototype 8.
* updated all plugins/extensions to latest versions and project prepared switch to latest version of unity engine.
But after doing some tests in unity 2019.1, i see that engine is not stable and has bugs. It's expected, so will have to wait few weeks.
* Experimental... near Facebook button you will find new button.
By pressing this button be ready that game will freeze from few seconds till few minutes (depends from your PC).
Game will fully load all shaders to prevent future performance hiccups/frame drops.

Version 0.43 [26.04.2019]
* Added flood protection in chat. Max 200 characters per message. Max 50 messages per round and 3-4 messages in 10 seconds.
* Deagle - less base damage and less over distance.
* Most of UI has been redone. Left only in-game menu, scoreboard and i still have to add settings in main menu.
* For now removed wait time for leaving the room.
* Lots of small improvements in code/logic, but few more things left (more complex) to improve... in next update(-s).
* You can't switch styles anymore. It is possible to redo other styles, but at this moments it is not priority.
* Login/registration window position can't be changed anymore. If you think it is important, then create poll in forum.
* Now by default "auto scale UI" is off. You can manually turn on in game Settings.
If resolution will be below height 540 | width 960, or above height 1080 | width 1920 auto scale will be turned on (on launch).
* Option to create room for 12 players removed (max 10).
I want to see how it will affect monthly traffic as at this moment traffic is higher then it should be.
* Now you can slightly adjust weapon scale. In game press F3.
* In DM and TDM game modes added auto re-spawn, so you don't have to press "Join Game" button after every death.
To stop auto re-spawn you can open in-game menu, or chat.
* Added AFK Timer. Game will check only keyboard/mouse input (no mouse movement).
If player is not pressing any key for 120 seconds, game will check if room is full and if room is full, then game will kick player out.
Game will not check AFK time for admins and donators.

Version 0.42 [23.02.2019]
* Extra health perk now gives you extra 25 HP (previously was 40 HP).
* head-shot multiplier in Normal mode now is same as in Hardcore mode.
By shooting in head, you will kill enemies much faster.
* Death camera by default enabled.
* UCAV health reduced on 40%.
* Sniper sway movement amplitude is on 25% smaller and animation speed on 30% smaller.
* Bullet damage over distance will not fall below 33% for most weapons. For some weapons even below 50%.
* Elimination mode - now you can spectate only your team members in password protected rooms (for tournaments).
In rooms without password you can spectate players from both teams.
* In DM mode I added additional timer check and game will try to change master player if current
master player is not sending information about game state.

Version 0.41 [04.02.2019]
First launch will reset all game settings.

Version 0.40 [03.02.2019]
* Did some adjustments for Volumetric lighting.
* Number of frag grenades were reduced, due to complaints about grenade spam. From now you will have only one frag grenade.
* Damage of impact grenade were reduced. You will need 2 impact grenades to kill enemy with 100 hp.
* Slightly reduced explosion shake effect and adjusted hit/shake/damage radius.
* Slightly reduced weapon/camera movement when bullet hits.
* Extra health perk now gives you extra 40 HP (previously was 30 HP).
* Game will check K/D ratio and if this ratio is below 0.33, then player will spawn with 140 health points.
And if this player will use also Extra health perk, then he will spawn with 180 HP.
* Removed perks (Balance, Random perk, High Jump, Double Jump, Power Slide, Slide Hop).
* Now perks are not separated between slots and you can use any perk in any slot = more different perk combinations.
* Added 7 color grading presets.
* Option to switch fire modes was disabled.
* Sway jump - actually this feature was added long time ago, but it wasn't working perfectly.
It was easy to make a mistake (especially if you had high frame rate).
I did some corrections and now even slight mistake (when you press jump key too late) is acceptable.

* Death camera (by default disabled). Can be turned on from settings.
Death camera will show you position from where enemy killed you.
But there are few exceptions:
- if enemy is very close
- when kills with UCAV, Sentry Gun or explosives

Also you will see info about enemy:
- what grenades and perks he uses
- health
- class and rank
- weapon

Version 0.39 [12.01.2019]
* slightly increased TTK in Normal mode.
* slightly increased damage over distance for L96A1 sniper rifle.
* replaced default unity engine real-time shadows.

* if you care about your stats than exit game only from Main Menu, by pressing "Quit Game" button.

This way game will inform you if at the time stats can't be saved.
In some rare cases game can't connect to database, since none of services provides 100% up-time.
Usually such problems solves within a minutes, so you can continue play and exit game later.

* if you have old graphics card (or integrated graphics), then it is possible that you have graphical glitches.
To fix this problem you can choose "Low" graphics quality preset, or choose "Custom" preset and disable shadows.

* Volumetric lighting
By default volumetric lighting will be enabled. You can turn off, or adjust volumetric lighting to your liking in Settings/Graphics.
There is no need to set volumetric lighting quality to Ultra. Even on low/medium quality lighting should look fine.
You can manually adjust volumetric light intensity. By default intensity is set to 1.0 (slightly visible).
If you play on Low settings, then turn off volumetric lighting, as you will not see any difference.

* When you are testing your map in game (in offline mode), you can switch between different lighting settings by pressing key F2.

Version 0.38 [21.12.2018]
* From now red boxes (turret, drone, health injection) only in DM and TDM mode.
* Sentry Gun auto destruction time is now 90 seconds (was 3 min).
* Decreased Sentry Gun health on 40%. Now to destroy turret you need 2 knife hits, 2 grenades, or on 40% less bullet hits.
* Create password protected room (requires rank 20)
* Increased base damage for pistols (P99, USP45 and G22).
* Added third bonus when you pickup red box.
Health injection - immediately regenerates health to 200 HP.

* Rewrote logic for red boxes.
Now one of bonuses will be selected randomly.
Possibility that you will get:
1) Drone - 50%
2) Health injection - 30%
3) Turret - 20%

To activate pickup bonus use key 3.

Version 0.37 [05.12.2018]
* Easier/Faster login.
Now when you will launch game, game will check if your username is already entered (was saved) and will automatically focus on password field.
No longer you will need to press on password field (to enter password) and you can press Return key (to login).
* Now you can reload weapon also when running. Previously you had to stop, or jump to start reloading.
* In room list was added info button, which will show all info about room.
* Did some adjustments for Low gravity + double jump combination.
You still can jump like before, but movement in air will be slower + removed fall damage protection.
But since you can jump twice, you can use second jump right before you touch the ground and you will not get fall damage.
* Sentry Gun
Now red box gives you 2 options:
1) Press key 3 to launch UCAV
2) Press key 4 to place Sentry Gun
You can place only one sentry gun. If you will place second sentry gun, first one will auto destroy.

Version 0.36 [23.11.2018]
* Added "Normal" preset, where damage from weapons will be on 50% lower. Will see how game-play with higher TTK will feel.
Adjustments will be made in future updates. Possible we will even more increase TTK.
Now "Game Preset" is for choosing between "Hardcore", or "Normal" preset.
* To stop overuse of sliding (mainly to move faster), was made some adjustments which will reduce slide speed if you jump between slides.
You still can jump and slide, but sliding after jump will be slower.
When you slide with "Power Slide", you can't jump.
Restrictions applies when perks are disabled and when "boots on the ground".
* Now default "Max Ping" limit is set to 200. Also added more options (75, 150 and 250).
* Customization: Now you can load also video backgrounds.
* Fixed bug where you wasn't able to remove clan tag.
* In last update i tried to fix some lighting problems on map "Arena 1" and it lead to other problems (due to changes in unity engine),
so i decided to roll back all changes. Now everything should be fine with lighting and reflections.
* added night version of map "Arena 1"
* Added flashlight for Glock 22. For now it's only for testing to see how it works on all platforms and on low end systems.
You can't turn it on/off. It will turn on automatically, when you use silencer.
* in Team GunGame map rotation added 4 maps:
- Prototype 1
- Prototype 4
- Prototype 6
- Prototype 26

Version 0.35 [12.11.2018]
- added sliding. Default key to slide will be "C", but in game settings was added option to use crouch key for sliding
- added 3 new perks (you can move faster when ADS, slide faster/further and perk to jump when sliding)
- simplified thermal sight effect
- reduced kickback for DAO-12 and slightly increased damage
- slightly increased MGL140 explosion damage
- added limitations for resolutions. If your current resolution is below 720 width and 540 height,
then game will reset resolution and low resolutions will not appear in screen resolutions list.
- added 4 health pickups on map "Arena 1"
- M107 fire volume reduced
- added UCAV
Now on DM (and few TDM) maps you can find red boxes (which contain UCAV)
Respawn time for red boxes is set to 60 seconds.

About UCAV:
- you can carry only one UCAV at a time
- controls with mouse only
- press key 3 to launch UCAV
- by pressing "Interact" key (by default E) you can explode ucav at any time.
- you can kill yourself with UCAV. You can see circle at the position, from where you launched it.
- battery lasts 30 for seconds. Explodes when battery runs out
- enemies can shoot down UCAV. Requires just few hits
- enemies can kill you while you are controlling UCAV
- by destroying (shooting down) UCAV you get 50 score points
- with UCAV you can not only kill enemies, but also use it to pickup ammo, heath, or even second UCAV.

Version 0.34 [31.10.2018]
- Halloween update

Version 0.33 [18.10.2018]
- Added 7 new regions
- new static crosshair (when crosshair perk is selected)
- in TDM mode max number of players increased to 12
- when in TDM mode number of players is higher then 8, then minimum kills to win will be 50
- head hitbox size now is a bit smaller
- KSG-12 shotgun range was slightly reduced
- kill assist time reduced from 10 to 7 seconds
- bug fixes

Version 0.32 [07.10.2018]
- Now you will see when connection with server is not stable (added connection icon).
Player who lost connection can't damage/kill other players.
- Added penalty (30 seconds) for leaving the room, while match is in progress.
- Now in scoreboard you can see which players are in game.
- Bug fixes

Version 0.31 [29.09.2018]
- Added 2 new game modes:
* Elimination
* Gun Game (FFA)

Version 0.3 [21.09.2018]
- Improved grenade physics
- Bug fixes

Version 0.29 [02.09.2018]
- Added Settings also in Main Menu
- Bug fixes

Version 0.28 [29.08.2018]
- Now we have 5 presets in GunGame mode:
1) Increase 12 - you start with pistols

2) Decrease 12 - you start with sniper rifles

3) Increase 17 - from pistols to sniper rifles

4) Decrease 17 - from sniper rifles to pistols

5) Random 17 - weapon order will change every match (17 weapons/levels)

- Now you can spectate also from first person view.
If you suspect someone in cheating, then record his gameplay and report in forum.
You can't see arms, when you spectate from first person view. It's NOT a bug.

- Improved grenade physics. Nades will not slide so much and more precise bounce angle.
- Bug fixes.

Version 0.27 [22.08.2018]
- Now you can play on maps made with Map Editor.
- Added suppression and tracers.

Version 0.26 [27.07.2018]
* all new TDM maps are now in separate map rotation.
If you will choose map "Prototype 19" (or higher) you will play only on new maps.
* match summary time now is on 10 seconds shorter (30 seconds).
* added 2 new maps.
- DM map "Arena 5" (originally DIA) made by David Larson (GearTech Games).
Here you can see day version of this map:
- TDM map "Prototype 26" (originally "$2000$") made by emlin.
* added sliding down the slopes. Falling on steep slope can save you from getting fall damage.

Version 0.25 [10.07.2018]
- Added 7 TDM maps
Note: these maps are not in map rotation. You can select these maps when you create room.
Vote for maps here: viewtopic.php?f=16&p=807#p807
- Bug fixes.

Version 0.2 [12.05.2018]
- Now "Low" quality preset is lowest what you can get (only texture quality is not lowest).
- Updated all particle effects.
- Rewrote pooling system to improve performance and reduce micro freezes.
- All weapons and attachments now has high res textures and new materials.
- Added new skins (AK47, K10, AUG, M107, DAO12).
- Removed frame rate limit.

Version 0.19 [17.04.2018]
* Bug fixes.
* By default UI auto scaling is disabled.
If your monitor native resolution is above 1080 (height), then UI auto scaling will be turned on automatically.
If your monitor native resolution is 1080 (or below), you can manually turn ON UI auto scaling in Settings.

Version 0.18 [15.04.2018]
* Bug fixes.
* Experimental: 50% less bullet spread on all weapons (except shotguns).

Version 0.17 [14.04.2018]
* Now you can cancel weapon reloading also by vaulting/climbing.
* Claymore detection distance increased by 30%.
* Increased "hold breath" time for sniper rifles from 3 to 5 seconds.
* Improved sniper scope sway system. Movement will start from animation exit point, not from beginning.
* In previous versions some sniper scopes had slight offset. Now it's fixed.
* Added "custom" preset for graphics settings. Now you can manually adjust all quality settings.
* Audio settings separated (SFX and Music).
* Colored Clan tags (5 color options).
* For now disabled camera run animation.
* Added new skills/perks (health regeneration, sprinter, silent footsteps, extended magazine, extra nade(50/50 % primary, or secondary), balance, random perk).
* New scope reticle's for sniper rifles.
* Thermal scope.
* Now you can save screenshots by pressing key F5. Folder Screenshots will be created when you will launch game.
* Customization and modification. More info here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=11&p=13#p13
* Had to clean up list of regions. Now we have 5 regions available: EU (default), US #1, US #2, RU (new region) and Brazil.
* Now when you create room, you can see images of maps.
* Improved ban system. Now admins can give temporary bans and banned person can see ban information (who banned, reason and how long ban will last).
* Fixed collision sound bug for remote grenades. Previously was playing only one sound on all surfaces.
* Now you will get score points also from kill assists. If someone stole your kill, at least you will get some score points for help in kill.
* Now smoke nades has different colors. Random color will be picked when smoke shows up.
* Recoil adjustments. Now with silencer vertical recoil will be same or even lower.
* Added new silencer sounds for AK47, M4A1 and AUG.
* Adjusted zoom values for all scopes.
* Increased damage for both shotguns.
* vault and climb sounds over network.
* added multiple death sounds (random will be played).








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