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Knife Fight+Phone Booth: Mini 3v3 TDM Knifing

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Ideally this is made for knifing only, at the very least that's how I plan on using it myself. My goal with my maps is to make something fun and catered to what my clan wants to play. It also has invisible borders so there will be no falling off, I meant this to be a tiny little map with a decent amount of terrain to make it interesting. The name is a reference to an old saying, in case it wasn't known. 




To save space, I've included screenshots under the spoiler tag. 





One corner contains a red raised platform, while the opposite corner contains the "bamboo forest."


The middle walkway is high enough to make a large open area underneath, great for obstacle-free duels or just a cluster of stabbing!



As with my previous map S_S and future ones, I'll be making them available for download by request right now but they will all be posted here and my clan page when playable. Having fun experimenting with this map editor!

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looks interesting and i like that simple cluttered asthetic with nice possibilities for verticality. Would definitely reccomend making the map a bit bigger though and making sure there is no/not too many sight lines into either spawn, there is nothing worse then dying after JUST dying. good luck.

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