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I'm going to record a new set of tutorial videos, but I really need these bugs fixed first:

* Placing image on map, and doesn't show up in game (happens randomly)

* Terrain not showing up in game (pretty sure not fixed yet)

* Integer-float bug (sometimes, where there is a text box without the ability to enter decimals, i.e. the size of a ramp, something like 6 ends up being 60000001 or something, especially after moving or copying objects. Re-rounding each number like that to like 5 significant figures after entering it and after every move or copy should fix this problem (or change datatype for "Size" settings to ints instead of floats). It's been around forever. I don't blame you b/c C# is weird sometimes like that.)


* Place image in images folder, doesn't show up in editor.

* Sometimes, when typing in a text box, when you press the decimal key as the first key, it does not get entered. It's not a problem with my keyboard 😄Maybe related to integer-float bug?


Not to sound complain-y but these bugs really get in the way. Even if they are not obvious, I feel obligated to mention them in a tutorial, and then it is awkward, especially after they are patched; people who watch my tutorial will think the Editor has lots of bugs. 😞

BTW thanks for taking care of the warped textures bug OMA pointed out a few days ago.

Best, ipb

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I thought that integer float bug has been fixed... I'm going to look at this. Also we are working on fixing the first two bugs with OMA. "Place image in images folder, doesn't show up in editor." Could you tell me more? (extension, file size, resolution)?

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Yes, I am away from my usual computer for a few more days and had to rely on my memory. 

 My recollection is that they are supposed to be PNG’s so  that’s what I was trying but they weren’t all working. Can you try to grab like 20 random images off of your computer and see if they show up in the editor?  I didn’t notice a pattern when I was trying different things.

Also, I will double check later today that the integer bug and decimal bug are still there.


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