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Name: Euan M. S.

Age: 14

Ign: EZFire

Clan : FIRE ( owner )

Country: England

Language: English, some German, and French fluently

Hours spent: 700+

Active time: daily 

Forum time: daily

Experience: battlefield, CSGO, borderlands 2, 

Social experience: modelling, london fashion week, socialite and moderating for killer 6 on youtube.

Community is one of the most important aspects of gaming to me and I like to express this through my actions, for example training newer players, supporting others and making sure that the chat doesnt get out of hand! XD 

If you need any further context ( which you might xD) get in contact on forum or at EuanMikkelSchaub@gmail.com or

EMSire on steam

Facebook: Euan Mikkel Schaub

Insta: EuanMikkel.official

Youtube:Euan Mikkel Gaming - skillwarz channel

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So to be an admin you usually must be active for a while forum community (not just in game), and show good reason and judgement. For example, on the old forum, all 7 admins were in the top 23 in #'s of posts made. Longevity and activity in forum community is very important. FYI, the fastest someone has become an admin is 10 months after joining community.


There are plenty of ways to help w/o being an admin, especially if you are good with asset/animation development. If not, be sure to do helpful things like submit bug reports, join in discussions in Discord, etc. Making YouTube videos about the game is especially helpful, b/c it makes the playerbase grow. Also, try to subscribe to others' YouTube channels and interact with content that you like. It really helps the YT algorithm, so more people will see gameplays.


Thanks for posting. 🙂

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