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Many people want to be able to play skillwarz on phone, not possible till now...

BUT! I found a solution, maybe a bit complicated, but it will work!


So i wanted to have remote desktop on my iphone.. then i through: if i use a controller or bluetooth keyboard and mouse then i can remote play games on my phone! Maybe not directly on your phone but its a solution!


Step 1: activate remote destop on your laptop/pc and install microsoft remote desktop on your Iphone/Andriod phone, here a link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXv48s3BEAU

Step 2: connect bluetooth keyboard/mouse/controller to your pc.

Step 3: connect to your pc on your phone.

Step 4: launch skillwarz and have fun!


Here are some problems:

High ping in game...

Bad wifi connection so the screen on your phone lags...

If you have an Iphone 6 or older then you cant do this, cuz microsoft remote desktop requires IOS 13 or higher

Windows 10 home is not supported...



BUT its a solution for people who really want to play skillwarz on phone...



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I mean, you still need a pc in the first place to do that lol. 

I think the solution to that would be an app like GeForce Now or Stadia where you have a cloud pc on your phone.


Or (if it's an android) you can always format the phone and install a Linux based OS that could run skillwarz. 

Yes, it's a bit overkill. Yes, you can't use your phone like you always could. Yes, most likely you will have some performane issues.


But hey, it's skillwarz on a phone 😄

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Windows 10? Nah, use something lighter or your phone will explode. You also need a wireless keyboard to do basically anything. Add all that up and you get a lot of latency and a lot of hassle.


But you know what, i will try this lol.

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Nice, I thought about this but never got the time to try it. Thanks.


'Win 10 ghost spectre' is really light if you wanna use win 10.


Hm you don't need wireless keyboard, you just need an USB hub, so you can use your OTG while charging the phone. However, I don't think that it's good for your battery.😀



Hmm I think you can play skillwarz on phone (hypothetically) without vm or remote, since Librem 5 is a linux smartphone.


Hmmm Guys anyone tried loading a linux ROM on your phone? If it works, that could be another solution.

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