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How I do my map versions

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Alpha versions are where the map is still being built and it's playtested usually only to check scale and aesthetics.


Beta versions are where all the planned layout is done, and only minor changes/additions are expected.


Release versions are where the map should be basically done, but may be updated to patch bugs/exploits.



For all of these, i.e. 1.0.0:

Signifies a major change.

Signifies only minor change(s).


On older projects, I would start at 0.0.0 for the alpha and part of the beta version, then switch to 1.0.0 when I'm ready to playtest, balance, fix exploits, etc.


IDC if anyone else uses this terminology, that's why this is in offtopic. Also, I'm aware that I'm not using the terms Alpha and Beta the same way that most devs do. This post is purely FYI.

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