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2jane is a Cod2 inspired, Tunisia located map.
The idea is to "port" the map to SkillWarz, keeping its main essence, and remaking everything else which aren't working in SW.

(Disclaimer: It's not a great competetive map, but it is fun.)

Basic top-down layout:




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So here is how the not-so-rough block/building layout looks like.



I had to rework it a few times, since first I scaled it too small, then the next time I shot some reference photos of the original map with dummies in it, so I could adjust the blocks/building sizes. Aand, I messed it up somewhere along the rescaling process and ended up with a really huge map.  However it looked more like the original one and felt way better when I playtested it, but everything was just too far, it took too much time to reach from pointX to pointY. So I started over once again, took some more reference photos, and finally reached a scale where I could say it's good enough.

Prototype1 for scale:





Good enough                                                                                     Too small

I only have around 10-40 minutes a day to work on it, so it will take some time til I can release a beta version.

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One thing I will say is that maps feel way bigger when there is no one else in them. The reason being, that in game you and the enemy will run towards each other, so the map feels smaller than when you run around by yourself.


IDK if you have played my map Tightrope but here is a size comparison:



There's 3 floors in each building, some parts of which are blocked, so each building has the playable area of roughly 2x its footprint. Most people consider this map to be moderately large, and it's a bit bigger in total area than your "good enough" size. My point is that the "little stuff" like individual buildings on your map will lose their individuality if the map is too small. On small maps people will 90% of the time "bum rush" from 1 side to the other (I learned this on my map "System"). So I wanted to let you know, if you want various buildings to be used uniquely you need to increase the scale. If the buildings in the middle are for decoration, your scale is good. 👍 

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