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Stuck On This Screen After Logging In

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you are NOT in the banlist = you are NOT banned. Also i am NOT banning IP's, because half of the world sits on dynamic IP's = it's waste of time to ban IP.


you are on windows and we are on windows. Game logic runs EXACTLY the same for all of us.
impossybull tested ban on himself and i tested on myself. your problem is NOT related to your 1 hour ban.


"today i tried launching game on other pc (same internet/netowrk), when i was banned i could play, but now i cant"

different PC's = problem can't be in any "files"

you know what is the same in both cases = one internet provider.


"also i tried vpn doesnt work still" of course, because i am not even banning IP's.


Also... standalone and webgl version are two completely different builds. That webgl version is very old and don't have ban system.
If you can't connect also in webgl, it is one more sign that problem is between your internet provider and Photon.


what windows version do you have? i will ask someone from Photon to explain what is going on...

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