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I added also bhop, but... i think it should work only on community maps with additional game preset (bunny hop).
Why only on community maps? Because bhop doesn't really fit SW gameplay (movement, maps). It requires specific configuration.


Idea is to add few additional game presets, which you can select on export of map.
We will start with "bunny hop", but next can be "death run", "fall guys"(this mode needs different name) and so on.


By the way, is there any experienced bhop players? I want to hear some suggestions.

To tell the truth i have never played bhop mode (only modes where bhop was part of gameplay),

so you can make suggestions about configuration... maybe some specifics which i may not know.

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I think it's cool if it's a difficult move to make


Example: have a great movement with the mouse and get speed according to the correct movement


My suggestion is to be something difficult that involves training the players


Video example of the bhop master:


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is there any public info about CS bhop configuration?
max acceleration (speed)?
jump speed, gravity (air time)?
how fast accelerates?
i know about command to see velocity, but this velocity value makes no sense to me. Value is 10+ times higher then is should be.

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I know you're hesitant for presets, since they tend to divide the online population; however, what about a movement preset list: standard (as-is), enhanced (bhop, surf, etc), and all (everything in enhanced and could include Low Grav and Double Jump combo)? 

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28 minutes ago, impossybull said:

When game gets more popular....

Ya, I definitely agree.  I'm not a fan of the combo, but know it caused quite the clamor for a while so thought I'd mention it. Call me Keanu Reeves to Al Pacino's Satan I guess lol (Devil's Advocate)

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Ideas for game modes:

  • Death run: On lobby creation, host picks which weapons each size has. Each side only has 1 weapon (no secondary). (Please include Knife Only, Nades Only, and MLG-140 as weapon choices too. 😄)
  • Parkour: All weapons are disabled (like knife only w/o knife) and suicides do not count as deaths in the leaderboard. It's kind of minor, but it would nice to be able to aim down sight even though you can't use the gun.
  • Fall Guys: Rename to "Execution" mode. I like the name "Execution" because it is a double entendre*:image.png.8fd8078c6c286aeace5981abec9fae4b.png

Your parkour must have good execution, and if you get to the end first you execute the other players. 😳


*double entendre = word or phrase with 3 meanings, that could all work for the context of when it is said.

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