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I am extremely sorry for using explicit language against the developers, I was most definitely wrong and I do enjoy this game a lot. You guys put in an insane amount of effort to make this enjoyable and I am very sorry for ruining that experience with toxicity. If you could be so kind as to unban me I promise to never post anything  on the forums let alone something vulgar. This is easily one of my favourite games and I don't want to stop playing it. I beg you please unban me and I promise I will not disappoint again. I should have known better and I am ashamed that I let my anger get ahead of me, this is a great community and I am tremendously impressed at how hard the devs work. Please unban me this game is amazing and I wish could play it again. I had to make a different account because it didn't let me appeal on the other one, the account I got banned on was wordpass. I am once again really sorry and I wish you can forgive me.

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I never use in game chat, I have never used it because I only play this game with my friends and we are on a call on discord. Because we are from Australia and no one else plays on our region so there is no way I will ever do that I am so sorry please unban me

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