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Hi everyone!

I decided to give myself a chance in making my own custom map for SkillWarz. It's a very first level design I've ever done in my life, so hopefully the map will be fun to play at some point. Downtown Corsers is a small map, perfect for CQB, but also keeps a few places for sniper mains. Explore corners and possible ways were you can change your position and surprise your enemies. The map is themed for Team Deadmatch mode.


I'm looking forward for all kinds of feedback from you so I can think of balancing the map in the future 🙂

I apologize for any of my grammar mistakes.


You can download the map here:







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I will make a review soon!


Right now my comments are: try to use more than 3 colors, and have the walls and floor not be the same color. The sizing looks pretty good but the spawns could probably be improved a bit (looks like too easy to spawn trap).


IDK if this would interest you, but I make Map Design videos for SW. Would you want to send me your .SWPRO file so I could make a video or two on your map? Your map has a nice design so my video would be about improving the styling and colors and stuff, as a tutorial for other players. Let me know if this sounds interesting to you. 😄

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