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Exert's Admin Request

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Name: Aditya

Age: 16

In-game Username: Exert

Experience: No experience exactly as an admin, but I'm a beta tester and a translator for a game titled "Will you snail", a game which is going to be released by Jonas Tyroller.

I have been playing skillwarz for about 5+ months and I have 100 hours in game.

I'm from India, and I live in the UAE.

My native language is Tamil, but I can speak fluent English.

I know a little of Hindi, very little of Arabic and pretty okay French. (Not extremely fluent in any of these languages, but I know it upto a level)


I loved the game and wanted to be a part in the assistance, and henceforth I posted this. Awaiting a response whenever possible, and hoping to be a part of the admin team 🙂

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Exert seems like a pretty good admin candidate, I have only a couple things to say:

  1. Try to be more active on the forum, so we know you are familiar with the game + culture and we can see your personality.
  2. As you read in instructions, admin requests can take a LONG time for approval (it depends on a lot of things) so don't feel that not hearing anything (even for months) means rejection.

Thanks for posting!

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Thanks for the reply! I do check the skillwarz website in general a lot, and the forum sections too..I just didn't post anything yet specifically, and I'll be waiting however long it takes!

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