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Hi All,


Today I'm banned all of a sudden when I was in middle of a game

From a mute-me discussion that was doing rounds I got a straight ban today


Not for cheating, not for abusing, but for having a difference of opinion

Dev clearly can't stand difference of opinion so does the admin impossybull

An evident negativity is in the air sadly


Skillwarz has been a great game, thankyou for making it and I have really enjoyed playing it

However, the dev is hyper-negative person that have always perceived a difference of opinion as nuisance

I have always spoke of my mind, have pointed out any wrong doing/short coming.

I have criticised him many times and I don't see anyone else doing it - He really don't like being corrected anyway


Here is the goodbye note from me...

Nope I don't need a Ban Appeal, the community is great but Dev and Bull are not

Only 1 advice, don't disagree with the Dev lol or you ll be perceived a noise value, no matter how much valuable opinion you have

Special thanks to game friends... Zapper & Litenite



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Stop playing victim.
You are banned only on 1 month, but you are acting here like it's permanent ban.

You need time to think about what your are doing...


P.S. Even this topic is against rules ("bye bye" topic), but i will leave it "as a reminder" for you.

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43 minutes ago, akhuram said:

no matter how much valuable opinion you have

You act like there is some silent majority agreeing with you, yet I do not hear ONE person on the forum, game, or Discord that supports you. I'm sure other admins are polite to you in game but that does not mean people are not irritated by your complaining and trolling. You are acting like a child: "Zapper & Litenite are nice but impossybull is mean". Because I enforce the rules? Warning you about the rules is not "negativity". By playing the game, you agree to abide by the rules. Over a YEAR ago we first got complaints about you, and yet you cry and play victim when you FINALLY get a ban so the game community does not have to deal with your BS for just one month and you have some time to think and change your ways. Enough said.

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Phrax, i totally agree with the admins here. You did start annoying players by troubling them in-game which is not POSITIVE at all. Trolling is fine until a limit. But if it exceeds the limit, it's not good. Complaining and "whining" in the chat does disturb some players and does ruin their playing experience at times.. As we know, not everyone is the same and some people do have different reactions to what you say about them. Therefore, the "temporary ban" for a month is not at all bad because it helps you to think about your mistakes, so that when you come back, you can be reformed and have fun with all of us again. I just want to say that don't be mad at admins for your wrong-doings and instead, reform yourself. Well, that's it from me.


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Pharax was a fun guy to play with at first.. I became a part of the skillwarz community late, as compared to most others. Pharax at first used to troll shaurya, which we did take as fun for upto a while. Things started getting serious when he started flashing teammates and ruining their experience, thinking it as fun. Eventually, arguing against the admins and the dev on a wrong basis, led to a ban. I don't get why you don't understand pharax. OMA and impossybull and other admins are doing the right thing to keep the game in the right state. Even this ban, serves you right in my opinion. During this ban period, try to look back at what was going on and try to understand better. Hope to see you back in game with a proper mindset.




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Yeah. He was flashing teammates about a week ago. He did this in particular to Shaurya which ruined his fun and he reported it in the discord server, followed by Shardul. Not only that, he also threw frag nades at teammates to create that "screen shake effect", which in turn throws off your aim by a little due to screen tilt.

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No, he didn't stop it, but when he played today, he didn't do it. But he had done it a week back...

and I've seen that report..I was confused after knowing that he had been reported before and he's still performing those acts...

Also, is it possible to create a mechanic, where if you throw any type of nades or shoot at teammates, nothing happens? Like those effects are removed...

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As I stated ages ago, Phrax has never acted untowards to me nor while I was in game w/ him. However, there is ample evidence of misbehavior and wrongdoing on his part. Even back to the report mentioned by OMA. 


Phrax, I do hope you actually take this time to re-frame your thoughts. I've enjoyed many games with you in them, but you have acted incorrectly and inappropriately to many other players within this community. It doesn't matter if you feel the other side is playing unfairly or what not; turn off the game if it's that upsetting. Complaining of there being no balancing system does little when the dev has acknowledged the need for it at some point, but that there were more pressing items to attend to first. This is a single man project and that is the kind of the decision the dev has to make for what they feel is best for THEIR game. By turning to the tactics that you have, you've placed yourself in the wrong.

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I was the main victim of the Flashbang and Frag-nade controversies. He started doing it to me around 4-5 days back. But since I reported him on discord, he never did anything since to me. It actually became annoying after some games and therefore, i reported it. He even used to call me "Bengali", saying that I was from Bangladesh... this was pure criticism cause I'm not even from that country, I'm from India. Me and Exert took it as fun for some time until he became too aggressive and we called him out in the in-game chat itself. He then stopped calling me names as well.

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Zapper bans and mutes a lot of people for breaking the rules and litenite is not afraid to also. The problem is Phrax knows the admin team so he plays nice when we are around, but plays victim when someone sees through his BS.

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On 10/13/2020 at 7:14 PM, litenite said:

No, you are the most recent victim. There have been incidents prior. Read the report mentioned by OMA.

Yeah I saw that but the context in which this all has happened made me look like the main victim of the recent incidents.  That's what i used the word "main", not "only" lol. 

Kudos to the admins tho for keeping the game very fun and fair.


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