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Boost's Admin Request

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Name: Shaurya
In-game username: Boost

Experience as admin in other games: I have not had experience as admin in any other games but I have been an active part of the communities of many games, trying to constantly help improve the games and bring out important topics into the field of view for analysis and correction. Particularly, for SkillWarz, I have tried my best to do the same and will continue doing so. 
How long do you play this game: I play this game around 2-3 hours a day on an average basis, I currently have 111 hours of playtime. I started playing the game around Mid-July 2020. 
From which country you are: I'm from India, and I reside in the United Arab Emirates.
What's your native language: My native language is Hindi, the official language of India. 
What other languages do you know: Besides Hindi, I speak fluent English along with a bit of Arabic (I can read and write pretty well but can't speak fluently) and I can understand Urdu (I can read and speak pretty decent, but can't write at all) and very little Sanskrit. 

I have played this game a ton since I discovered it from a "Top 12 Free Mac Games to play" video on Youtube, and yes, I'm a Mac OS player. Never thought I would enjoy this game the amount that I do now(I enjoy it very much). I have really loved the community and the way the game is structured, therefore leading me to learn that I want to assist the developer and admins in the most productive way I possibly can. I therefore, will conclude my request and I hope to become a part of the admin team 😀.

Thanks and Regards,
Shaurya AKA Boost

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