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RageQuit - jump/parkour map

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Jump/parkour map


Difficulty: Intermediate

I know, I know this name is maybe a bit cocky, even arrogant, or simply you can call it cringe.
But I really think this map can live up to its name. (I mean I can't count how many times I quit after failing the same jumps over and over again.)


I've been working on this for months. Right now it is a really nerfed version. The nerfing was necessary since we don't have a position saving option.
I also tried to make it fall proof, but be careful, it's not fool proof. 😉


You have to now basic game physics. Mostly contains easy, medium jumps. However, there are a few hard jumps too, I hope these will satisfy the top players as well.
I created this for vanilla version, with the new air control it's easier on some parts.

You don't have to restart from the beginning every time you miss a jump, I left you some clues on how/where you can start that part of the map again.

       Clue:                                                                                               Direction:

1158085173_Kpernyfelvtel(193).thumb.png.63467c806d323a3fa78c9d8c5691f68f.png 1524525781_Kpernyfelvtel(194).thumb.png.74b42a65bff9afe1409fdd77f123a6f6.png



The difficulty of jumps isn't getting linearly harder, partly due to the lack of position saving option and partly because I want that everyone could enjoy the new type of obstacles.

I tried to make the obstacles as varied as possible. I have quite some new ideas in mind, so in the near future, I will make this map a bit more complex.

If you insist I could replace the invisible/transparent floors with red material, but I prefer this, it gives me chills.

In the far future, I will also create jump/parkour maps with some unique themes, not just a bunch of obstacles in a neutral space.


Final advice: Hold on to your spacebar!




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3 hours ago, powerlook said:

Lmao what's this XDD

gimme this parkour map when finished lol pls


Well, that would take a few months to finish it, implementing everything I wanted, then securing it. 😄 My main priority is 2jane (again).
Until then you have to be satisfied with this.

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Posted (edited)



Added some new easy stuff to the beginning of the map:



Added a cute little skull at the end of the map:



Framed the invisible floors so you get a better understanding of the edges of them.

And removed fall damage, completely.


Consider the map finished.

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As I promised I created a practice map for RageQuit for those who got stuck on some obstacles. I just put some of the hardest stuff next to each other. It's not a continuous track. You can now download it from the same page as RageQuit.


Do I think preliminary practicing is necessary to beat RageQuit? Not at all.


RageQuit is an intermediate level map, kinda the same level as Hardparkour by plm, and much easier than Bull's Parkour2 which one's difficulty is only 6/10. I have 40+ death on that one. 😄 So if you've been around for a few weeks my map won't cause "any" (maybe a little) trouble figuring out some of the obstacles.

I like to explore jump maps on my own, so if you are like me, then I don't recommend practising before you try to run RageQuit.



P.S.: I actually found entertaining just running around, jumping up on then off some objects. I think I will have to implement these elements in a knife game map. So many ideas, and so short on free time.

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22 hours ago, lawrior said:

kinda the same level as Hardparkour by plm, and much easier than Bull's Parkour2 which one's difficulty is only 6/10. I have 40+ death on that one. 😄


Yeah my difficulty ratings go from trivially easy to essentially impossible, so even a 5/10 is difficult for anyone who is not experienced in the game.


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Oops, previously I exported the map as tdm but I only placed down blue spawn characters. That's why no one could join red, and that's why the screen froze when you had chosen red team.


Fixed and updated.

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