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Extra character bug

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Today, I experienced a weird bug, for the first time in SkillWarz.

I was in a lobby with a few others, when everyone left, except me and robert, I could see another character standing still with a gun out and not moving at all.

When that character gets killed, it's present in another part of the map, happened thrice and stopped trying to reproduce the bug after that. I wouldn't get the kill, but I got a gun promotion after the required kills. I was in US servers, and my ping was consistent 213. I don't think my ping is the problem, as me and robert were able to play normally, and damage each other, and I wasn't lagging on his screen. Nobody else could see the character except me, but when I killed the character, robert could see the blood particles.


Match Details:

Game Mode: GUN GAME

Number of people in the lobby before the bug: Approx 5 or 6.

It was in the "Increasing 12" mode, but I don't remember that very well.


Videos and Screenshots:

(If you look closely in the screen shot, you'll see robert on the top right-hand corner, damaging me, and we were the only ones in the lobby, and this character in front of me was an extra)

NOTE: In the video, there was a 3rd player named "crazedupBOSS", but the extra character is still there.






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  • Exert changed the title to Extra character bug

"Nobody else could see the character except me"

It means that something broke on your side.


Weird that model was standing perfectly on the map in both cases... also not in spawn location.

For now i can't say much. If it will happen again, then record video and report here.


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