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Global Illumination

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I want to add more textures to Map Editor, but... without GI (Global Illumination) maps will not look good.

Unity has only precomputed Realtime GI, but we need fully realtime GI, or bake GI at runtime.
Last few days i was digging through forums, github and testing all available free GI.

From free GI there is only SEGI which has acceptable quality, but it will impact performance a lot.


I don't know if i will use SEGI. At first i must understand if it works on Mac and Linux, since developer tested only on Windows x64.

Here i made test builds (win x64, Mac and Linux)

Password: segi


Build size is just 20 Mb, so if you have time, then download and test.
Performance doesn't matter at this moment. If you are on low end PC, then your frame rate will be very low (if you will be able to launch).



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I get 34 FPS on the High (default) preset using a GTX 1050 graphics card. 


IMO it would be best to bake the lighting into the map as it is exported (if this is possible). Players don't cast shadows rn so IDK if you want to add that but I think everything else could be accomplished with just baking.

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If i will add SEGI, then only temporarily and only in map editor, since dev stopped develop SEGI 3+ years ago.
As far as i know, unity devs are making new GI, but when it will be ready? will it be fully dynamic? and for which render pipelines?

I am waiting answer and for now i am looking at other options. From paid GI i found only few and one of them looks promessing.


Also few GI's are in development, like this one:




Actually it's not clear when and IF he will sell his GI, as he is making it for his own game and he is working on it 4 years, so...


Most of GI requires to switch from Gamma to Linear color space (what is already done in Map Editor) and also use deferred rendering instead of forward.

I have never used deferred as it has worse performance and some limitations, but it is a way to get AAA quality in unity engine.

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I did few more tests. Since SEGI requires deferred rendering path, we need different anti aliasing and it's a huge problem since none of free AA gives even close quality as 8x MSAA.

Performance is also far from great. Max what i could get was around 140 fps at 1080p. Changing quality from ultra to low gives minimal increase. Here performance depends mainly from resolution. Basically, if you want 2 times higher framerate, you must play at half of resolution.



After 3-5 years GI will not be a problem, because of ray tracing. For now only 10% of Steam users have RTX cards, but soon AMD will join and numbers will grow faster.
Actually i can imagine how good Map Editor and community maps will look with ray traced GI, AO and reflections.

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