guy is harassing me in skillwarz and being rude

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guy is harassing me in skillwarz and being rude

Post by virusaccount2 » 15 Apr 2019

he keep saying to me i dont know what to do
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Post by Zapper » 15 Apr 2019

As the 1st pic show, this guy started picking on me already on the previous game...
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Post by OneManArmy » 15 Apr 2019

It's easy to provoke other players on emotions.
That's why only admins (who are in room) should warn/punish players for insults...
they can see how everything started (what screenshots usually can't show).

In this case screenshots show that virusaccount2 did first move.

P.S. virusaccount2 since you managed to remove your ban in chat, you will be banned permanently in game.
Don't ask me to remove ban... ban will stay!
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