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I was banned unjustly

Posted: 11 Oct 2018
by yeksBRz
Hi, any error in English, because I'm from Brazil, I'm using a translator

I have a younger brother He is 12 years old I am 19 years old I left him playing in my account in the game so he says that I try to hack the game I am not guilty for using it and I did not until I know he knew how use these programs to request at least to unsubscribe from the ip or my account

Re: I was banned unjustly

Posted: 11 Oct 2018
by OneManArmy
First of all, why should i believe in this story about "little brother"?
This story is one of most popular, when cheater asks unban. I heard it at least 50 times, when i was admin on one CS:S site.
And even if it's truth, there is no guarantee that tomorrow your little brother will not cheat again.
Your PC = your responsibility.
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