Banned for speed hacks?

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Banned for speed hacks?

Post by SgtTroll » 26 Oct 2018

For some reason while i was asleep ive been banned for speedhacks and i dont even know how to hack in this game ive been playing it for a month now and its been fun, ive always played Gun Game with friends and im really disappointed that i was banned, several of my friends have been banned for speedhacks to and im so confused on why. my username is SgtTroll.
It says
Your ban expires in: Never
Reason: Speed Hack
Admin: Anticheat
Date: 10/25/2018 4:42:46 PM

I say you guys need to work on the anticheat because i wasnt even playing at that time and i wasnt even speed hacking.
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Post by OneManArmy » 26 Oct 2018

Have you ever seen cheaters in game? I assume, not.
I am taking protection against cheaters very seriously.
And anti cheat is working flawlessly.

Do you see your username in ban info?
If no, then you are NOT banned.

Reason why you can't access game, is because you have dynamic IP address and your current IP matches adrien's IP.
Wait when IP will change and play again.
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