Banned Under Bigounce365 for speed hacking

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Banned Under Bigounce365 for speed hacking

Post by ZaneGamer77 » 29 Oct 2018

I do not know who bigounce365 is but I was banned under his username for speed hacking on 10/22/18. I have played in between then and the ban. I am not the only person with this problem please fix it and un-ban my account. I admire this game for being bug free it has in recent days replaced tf2 and ravenfield as the games I play. I believe that bigounce is somehow giving his ban to others or maybe you use this for people who are speed hacking, if this is so the said speed hacking is using double jump and low gravity. Either way this is unacceptable and I expect it to be resolved I am a good person who not only wouldn't use hacks but doesn't know how.
p.s. please note that I could not sign into my normal account on this website, email me for my login information
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Post by OneManArmy » 29 Oct 2018

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